Absorb is a Made in India Communication tool for online Interviews, meetings, and webinars.

Absorb is a true example of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan, as it is designed and developed in India. It’s a wholesome solution that covers meetings, recruitment, and webinars as core components. With servers located in India, our data will never leave the country.

Absorb Interview is the revolutionary recruitment module that has modernized the interviewing process, allowing businesses to recruit talent from around the world with ease. The Absorb Webinar module enables broadcasting of webinars to a global audience via a marketplace. Absorb Meetings with its high-definition video calls and crystal-clear voice is scalable and works as efficiently for a 1-2-1 call as it does for large meetings with up to 100 attendees. Be ready to be Absorbed.

Learn more about Absorb at https://theabsorb.com or call us at +91 95088 49006 to elevate your communication and hiring game.