Study International Relations and Join the World’s Best Think Tanks

International Relations

International relations is the only stream that allows you to take a deep look into the foreign policy matters of different countries and the strategic and geopolitical relationships that are built with it. Global conflicts like Israel-Palestine, USA-Russia Cold War period, Civil wars, Terrorism and researches on economic policy, environment, energy security, defence, religious wars have made this one of the most interesting areas of study. Think tanks hire these professionals and are paid extremely high salaries owing to their predictions and assessment of confrontations all over the world. Today, we will see what kind of job offers you can get by studying international relations.

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Becoming an Expert

International relations is not a mainstream subject and very few people actually go ahead and study it. The recruitments are mostly done by NGOs, policy research firms, government bodies and international agencies analysing world events. While you need to specialise in some areas of the subject, i.e African politics or South Asian studies, to become an expert you need to study a lot of books, know the history, politics and religion of different countries. Every event that happens today has a long and complicated history that needs to be studied thoroughly before you can interpret events in a proper way.

With time, you can be a sectoral expert (Oil economy and its politics) or work in a much broader spectrum like middle east and asia etc. Many international affair experts write columns and editorials in the topmost newspapers and also are invited to talk shows and debates when an ongoing event is happening. The salaries are pretty good as for a junior analyst, you can begin your career at INR 8lakhs approx in India, while in the west it averages around $66,000 per annum.

Why the Role of Policy Analysts are Becoming Significant?

Today the economic policies of a country is closely related to its foreign policy. Let’s take the example of the US-China trade war. The American government was not happy at the constant flight of their manufacturing base to China, leading to a spike in import taxes from both ends. This is not just about economics but the intent to show supremacy over one other and policy researchers can create sources through which they explain the cause and effects of the event and predict what could happen in the next few months.

Election results impact foreign policy as we all know. Be it Brexit in the UK or the CAA in India, policy analysts can connect the functioning of a government along the party lines which would give them electoral dividend as well as create a strategic advantage for the nation. To be precise, experts need to observe events all around the world and their job is to connect the missing dots and explain in clear terms to the public at large.

What’s the Future?

International Relations as a profession is extremely important even today. However, there are very few universities which actually gives you the scope to study and research on the topic you like. JNU, Jadavpur University, South Asian university are some of the best places to study on this subject. In the western countries, of course, the University of Chicago, California and Oxford are world famous in producing strategic analysts and have one of the best alumni networks working in the top positions. Students with liberal arts backgrounds get an added advantage in this field. If you are thinking of studying political science, sociology, philosophy or any related subjects this can be a great career. Those with interest in political events can surely go for international relations studies. It will take time as having a Ph.D is very important but it’s a very intriguing career option and chances of working in the best think tanks are very bright.

If you want to become an expert in international affairs, start following the news everyday. Learn more about international conflicts, search in Google, read books from now on and have an informed opinion on everything that you see. To know more about international politics, visit MyFavTutor and talk to specialist tutors in these subjects. Know the career path and reach your goals earlier than expected.

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5 Best Hobbies for Tutors


Teaching is one of the most stressful professions and very few people acknowledge this issue. We always talk about students getting stressed but not the other way round.  Tutors are human beings and get tired. In this pandemic, the online classes have been taking a heavy toll on them. Managing classes, checking copies and giving feedback on a continuous basis have drenched them of their energies.  

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In this situation, hobbies are the best ways that can help tutors get off this monotony and a tight routine.  Options are limitless; you only need to explore it to gain the utmost benefits.

Get creative with these hobbies

Taking a short break from the daily hustle is very important to work healthy and smartly. Hobbies are the mood-boosters that take you into a world that is all yours. You denote your precious time for yourself. Check out these hobbies and how they can lift your anxious mood.

  • Photography

Everyone wants to capture the extraordinary moment, just like authentic photographers do. Maybe you are not a pro at this, but a little research and internet surfing can help you get skilled. Only invest a little bit on the best camera phone or semi-professional camera. Youtube offers numerous tutorials which you can master at through regular practicing.

  • Vlogging

When we look at the current trends of Covid-19, vlogging, or video blogs are gaining high popularity. Create a personal Youtube channel and start vlogging. You can make content on educational topics. It will not only boost your tutoring skills but will also help the students to learn and grasp better. It would be best if you are highly responsive. Explore the internet to know what topic is trending and what the viewers are expecting from the vloggers.

  • Gardening

It is peaceful to remain close to Mother Nature. It not only calms your mind but also removes anxiety and daily stress. Being a teacher, it is evident that you get stressed out mentally. Try gardening, and you will feel extremely blissful. It releases endorphins, which gives a feeling of happiness.

  • DIY hacks

Try some DIY hacks in different fields like fixing and renovating old products. It is the best thing to spice up your creativity level. It may relate to painting, setting broken shoe-shelf, kitchen hacks, and alike. It even includes making new things out of worn-out parts that may help you with the daily household chores.

  • Sewing

Sewing acts as a therapeutic. Whether it is sewing new outfits or creating fancy curtains and pillow covers, it takes you into the world of creativity. Don’t know how to design and sew? Don’t worry, especially in the present era of digitization. Check out tutorial blogs, vlogs, videos, and you can learn in a few minutes. You only need to put a little effort into it and create the best pieces.

Teachers! If you want to dedicate a lesson to children in a fresh and motivational way, you need to be stress-free too. When you collaborate with MyFavTutor, you get enough time to spare on yourself. We believe if teachers feel rejuvenated, they impart lessons more effectively. Hobbies are the best antidote for a stressful life. Include it in your daily life routine and witness the magic after that.

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Learn Indian Classical Dance Forms and Start Performing

Learn Indian Classical Dance Forms Online Start Performing

Classical dances in India are an integral part of the Indian culture and date back to 200 BC. The first compilation of the dance forms was found in Natya Shastra, a Sanskrit text book dedicated to the worship of Hindu deities through dancing. Indian classical dances originated in the temples, as worshipping was the main aim initially. With time, artists started improvising on the movements and the dancing patterns evolved with more flexibility, variations and got acceptance even from the international community at large.

The Ministry of Culture, Government of India, have recognized nine dance forms as classical dance forms and we will go through them one by one.

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The most well known Indian classical dance, Bharatnatyam, came from Tamil Nadu and is 2000 years old. Devadasis (women offered to god) used to perform this dance throughout the temples of South India. While dancing you need to have a glamorous make-up with bright attractive costumes and ornaments to keep the audience enthralled in the art. Instruments used in this include Mridangam, Flute, Violin and there are seven repertoires of the dance starting from Alarippu (Invocation) to Padam, thillana and ending with Mangalam. Carnatic music is used in the background in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Sanskrit verses. Yamini Krishnamurthy, SarojaVaidyanathan are some of the legends of Bharatnatyam.


Kathak comes from North India and revolves around the mythological stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is known for great footwork, spins, chanting and very straight body movements. Dancers wear heavy ghungroos and create a new sound to connect with the audience. There are 4 gharanas of kathak; Jaipur, Lucknow, Raigarh and Benaras. Kathak starts with Vandana (worship of god) and ends with bhajan/thumri. Sari and Ghagra are worn during the performance, not much makeup and the background music is Hindustani Classical Music with instruments like Pakhawaj, tabla, Sarangi etc. ShambhuMaharaj and BirjuMaharaj are some of the legends of Kathak dance.


Odissi originated from the Jagannath temple and its sole motto to pray to Lord Jagannath and is a combination of lasya and tandav. The presentations are fabulous and boys (gotipua) and girls (maharis) both can do Odissi. Its verses are in odia and Sanskrit and there is a beautiful story that is being told sequentially. Coloured ghungroos and jewellery remain important in this dance. Instruments played includes tabla, Pakhawaj, Harmonium, Sitar and flute along with others. Kelucharan Mahapatra and Sonal Mansingh are some of the most revered artists in this dance form.


Originated from Andhra Pradesh, Kuchipudi began its journey from 300 BC and follows a dance-drama style of performing. It is related to Vaishnavism, Lord Krishna, Rukmini and Satyabhama along with other myths. Its costumes are similar to Bharatnatyam, very bright and heavy jewelry based with attractive colours. The songs are mostly from Carnatic music in Telugu and Mridangam, Flute, Veena and Tambura are used as instruments. Yamini Reddy, Uma Rama Rao are some of the most well known kuchipudi dancers.


The most dazzling classical dance in India, Kathakali comes from Kerala and is dedicated to the story of Kali and its first reference was found in krishnattam and Kutiyattam. Ancient martial arts and athletics inspire the dance movements. Main theme of the dance is related to Mahabharata, Bhagavata Purana and Ramayana, although modern dancers also use Shakespeare as a theme. In Kathakali, the faces are painted with green, red, black and yellow colours. The most prominent kathakali dancers today include Krishna Prasad, Kesavan Namboodiri and Kalamandalam Gopi etc.


Another masterpiece from Kerala, Mohiniattam is a female only dance form where there are soft and gentle movements. Mohini is used as a reference to a female avatar of Lord Vishnu who is fighting to end the evil powers. It has a white costume, adorable ornaments and one sided hairstyle that makes it look unique. Mukundraj, Thankamani Kutty and Krishna Panicker have helped revive this dying art form and are the most formidable names in Mohiniyattam.

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As you can understand from the name, Manipuri comes from Manipur and tells the story of the love between Radha-Krishna through the Raslila. It is a combination of Tandav and Lasya and has soft, calm and gentle hand movements that connect with the audience. Dancers need to wear shiny costumes with heavy jewelry. There are 3 styles of doing this: Tal rasak (clapping), Danda Rasak (beat of sticks) and Mandal rasak (gopis circling krishna at the center). poetry of Jayadev, Chandidas, Gyandas are played along with manipuri dance and the instruments played are Pung (barrel drum) and kartals (Cymbals) along with Shankh, Pena, Sembong and Harmonium. Savita Mehta, Guru Bipin Sinha and Darshana Jhaveri are reputed manipuri dancers in India.


Assam’s traditional dance form, Sattriya is inspired by Vaishnavism and is deeply inspired by the 15th century Bhakti movement scholar, Saint Srimanta Sankardeva. The themes are mostly based on Radha Krishna myth and are based on dramas by Sankardev. Both men and women can dance and traditional Assamese costumes and garments are worn. Music instruments include Khol, Flute, Borgeet, Manjira Bhortal etc. Some famous artists of sattriya include Jatin Goswami and P.P. Bohra.


Chaau is a tribal dance form which originated from Jharkhand and is based on Vaishnavism, Shaktism and Shaivism. There are three forms of the dance based on three locations: Seraikella, Mayurbhanj and Purulia. Masks and Headgears are used in the dance and that essentially represents the adivasi culture of eastern India. There are no background songs in Chaau and instruments used includeDhol, Dhumsa, Mohuri, Shehnai and Kharka. In 2010, UNESCO listed Chauu as an Intangible cultural heritage of humanity. 

Career as a Dancer

Indian classical dances take a lot of time to learn. Unlike Bollywood and Hip hop numbers, becoming popular in classical dance needs years of practice, salvation and commitment. This is not for those who wantquick success, name and fame. Having said that, if you think about the famous dancers in India, the respect they get, is out of the world. That success which comes with time, always tastes sweeter and unlike social media stars, classical dancers are respected across all parts of India.

Career as a dancer is quite challenging in the initial years, much like other professions. There are three career choices you can have as a dancer: Choreography, Teaching and Performing. The starting salary can be as low as Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000 while working as an assistant as this is not a 9-5 full-time job. Moreover, you will not get regular shows but have to keep practicing for long hours. So, if you are patient and willing to do something that you love, then go for classical dancing. 

In theatrical performances, movie scenes, music academies, school/college/corporate shows you will get chances to showcase your skill as a dancer and earn money from it. However, do not expect a fixed income at any point of time. 

Final Words

As a dancer, teaching and choreographing will provide you the initial platform to grow your network. But for that to happen, you need students. You can easily connect with many dance aspirants here at MyFavTutor, a platform that helps millions of students accomplish their dreams. You can sign up on the portal and teach a large number of students online or in your home also. If you are a part of a music academy or an experienced tutor already, then do join us right now. Start your earnings early and spread the glorious tradition of Indian classical dance forms throughout India.

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Follow These 5 Steps for Your Virtual Workout

Follow These 5 Steps for Your Virtual Workout

Fitness freaks are going through a tough time. The Coronavirus has forced gyms to shut down, which created problems for all its members. Many started gaining weight and all the weight loss routines went for a toss. With time, gym lovers decided to prepare a new routine online and use apps to track their progress. For some, it worked while others found it impossible to carry on their workout sessions at home, due to lack of equipment and other issues. 

In this blog, we try to decode what it takes to maintain disciplined workout routines.

1. Get an Online Trainer

The first thing you need to do is subscribe to a fitness program and get an online fitness expert to guide you. Share your past training schedule and details so that your new trainer can get an idea of your physical requirements and plan accordingly. Do not hide anything; be very clear with your physical limitations, including past injuries, genetic issues or any other problem that can cause damage if not properly taken care. Once your gym trainer gets a clear idea, he will prepare a workout plan for you. Tell him to allocate a time table and provide substitutes to compensate for the lack of equipment at home. 

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2. Take a Weekly Target

Taking a weekly target is vital as it will help you to reach a particular level of fitness. While you are at home, there will be days when you just don’t feel like exercising. Eventually, with many such days, your physical fitness will take a hit and years of hard work will come to a grinding halt. Set a realistic target, including exercises of the chest, back, shoulder, leg and arms. 

3. Compete Harder

Start competing with your gym buddies and push yourself to the limits. See who can do more push-ups, how many miles you can log in, who can hold the longest plank, how well you can maintain your diet, calorie burns and compare who does it better. The more you compete with yourself and your friends, you become a tougher person. However, remember to take care of your health and have enough protein supplements to back up these massive calorie burn exercises. Compete and grow, that’s how virtual workouts should be used. 

4. Use a Virtual Training App

Virtual training apps are effective in improving your workout routines. Download some of these apps and see how many calories you are burning daily, distance walked, push up counts and see if your daily targets are met. Also, see videos of gym trainers in case you forget some of the exercises or want to learn something new. Fitness apps are seeing a massive spike in download as more and more people are working out from homes. In these Corona virus situations, it is important to stay safe and virtual workout is the best option. 

5. Share a Training Plan with Your Guide

Tell your guide the detailed plan and he will be able to manage your workout sessions through video conferences. Maintain a shared Google doc and write and update it every day, mention your daily activities for reference. Once you reach your set target, highlight it and let your trainer and partners know about it and give a smiley to celebrate the achievement.

If you are a fitness freak and are looking to start a daily home workout routine, start taking virtual classes here at MyFavTutor. The portal has some excellent fitness trainers and coaches who will guide you to continue with your gym routines. Do enroll in the portal for free and connect with experienced tutors across the country. 

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How You can Learn Dance through Online Classes

How you can Learn Dance through Online Classes

Dancing is a cool thing to do and young people are learning it more than ever. Hip-Hop, Bollywood numbers, Salsa are extremely popular among the youth and during this COVID induced lockdown, dance tutorials have seen a massive enrollment. Dancing helps in staying fit and all the body parts remain active even when you grow old. As it is a hobby for a lot of people, especially women, let us discuss what kind of dance forms are easy to learn through online classes.

Hip Hop

This is a rage among the youth from day one. Hip Hop dances, popularised by legends like Michael Jackson and Beyonce makes everyone try it out behind the closed doors at least once. Tell me a kid who doesn’t enjoy Moonwalk and has not copied it while watching the videos. There are several outstanding Hip Hop tutorials which are available on the internet. Hip Hop dance is about the groove dance moves, ball change, back tap, body waves, hip circles and heel twist. Expert trainers will help you learn the dance with live videos, step-by-step instructions, and an instruction manual explaining things in real detail. Start dancing as much as you want and get going with your hip hop classes.  

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Another prevalent Latin American dance form is Salsa, that has caught on the imagination of the youth through Hollywood. Dancing in a private party with your partner is a great feeling and that’s what caught the fascination of dance enthusiasts. Salsa is about coordination, understanding and expression of love in the most expressive form. The techniques of Salsa include turning, stylizing, body rolls, hip circles and arm styling. Apart from these, there are many more such techniques which you need to learn. Salsa takes time and it’s only for those who have tremendous patience and agility.


Another popular western dance form, break dancing, is an extremely difficult format that requires an athletic body and strong commitment. Course lessons will include basic top rock routines, six-step moves, coffee grind, pilot freeze, grooves and these video courses will help you to grab the steps at your own pace. Breakdance has similarities with hip-hop and in fact you can learn both these dance forms in your free time.

Shuffle Dance

Shuffle dance is an innovative dance form that originated in Melbourne, Australia in the 1980s and has been very popular in rave parties. The course will teach you foundational dance shuffle movements in the initial stages. This will be followed by the rhythm classes which is the most important part here. With time these rhythm beats will make you the go to guy in any party and you can show them the moves right away.

Poi Dancing

Started by the Maori community of New Zealand, Poi dancing is slightly unconventional in its approach and you will only enjoy this if traditional art forms impress you. You need to go through a lot of workshops, retreats and online videos to master this art form. Poi techniques will include weaves, butterfly patterns, fountains, buzzsaws and multiple other turns that makes the choreography more complex with tuns, twists, transitions and mini-sequences. Start learning poi and surprise your friends with a dance form that has the flavour of tribal culture. Infact, you can learn dancing at MyFavTutor, a pan India tutor portal, which has some expert dance trainers. You can visit the website and connect with the best dance trainers in India. Start your dance classes online and enjoy the lockdown period in full flow.

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5 Reasons Why Playing Chess Can Help Your Kids

Reasons Why Playing Chess Can Help Your Kids

Chess is an excellent game for brain development. When children play this game they are able to think strategically and with time their patience grows. Due to several such reasons, online chess as well as offline academies, are getting a lot of registrations from young kids. Those who take this game professionally go on to become grandmasters and can play in the international circuit. FIDE, the global body of international chess players, maintains ranks and encourages people to play this game more often. In this article, we will discuss specific reasons why chess should be played by kids from a very early age.

1. Enhances the IQ

Chess increases the IQ of children. It is common knowledge that due to the complexity of the game, a good chess player solves Mathematical and scientific problems in a better way. This game makes you think about your opponents next moves and in the process, widens your intuition power. Planned approach and strategic thinking help them do well in analytical subjects that are good for their careers.

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2. Better Concentration

Chess has the potential to go on for hours and it is one of the reasons it has one of the least viewership among all indoor sports. The audience is bored but managing your nerves for such a long time helps you to improve your concentration. Encourage your kids to play chess and they will be able to study for long hours without getting tired.

3. Prevents Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is quite a common disease now. A recent study has proved that playing chess can reduce the risk of this disease. Well, it has a simple logic. Just the way our muscles build up because of continuous physical exercise, playing chess helps in the exercise of our brain and helps it stay fit and sane. Undoubtedly, chess is now a doctor’s recommended game to have a positive mental state.

4. Problem-solving Skills

Chess is a game of problem-solving. Hence, playing this game helps us learn how to face difficult situations and solve them in the best possible way. Thus a child who plays chess is expected to be more confident, smart, and independent. He develops problem-solving skills which help him to be more successful in the future.

5. Spatial Skills

Playing chess enhances the spatial skill in a child. Spatial skill is the skill to visualize an object in a better position. Chess is a game of pre-thinking. It increases the ability to manipulate the objects mentally and increases the power to place it right. When one has the mental power to solve a problem before actually working on it, it acts as a boon for him. Thus to increase the spatial skill of child chess is a must. You can learn chess from experts at MyFavTutor, which is one of the best tutor search portals in India. Such tutors have mastered their skills and can guide your kid with their best abilities. On the contrary, if you are a chess tutor already, enroll with MyFavTutor and find the students looking for you. Join the platform and learn the game now.

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Why Becoming a Physiotherapist is a Great Option in India


The increase of injured people due to road accidents, physical collision in sports, and falling down have risen sharply. Bone fractures, muscle pain, broken ribs and ligaments are some of the common damage people face after a collision. They find it difficult to get up from their bed and walk and they eventually start losing their energy slowly. Physiotherapists deal with these people and bring them back to normal life. They do massages, therapies and advanced exercises that eventually reduce the pain and slowly, these people can do things normally as they would do earlier.

In this blog we will discuss why becoming a physiotherapist can be a great option in India.

Physiotherapists are in great demand in sports

Body contact games like Football, wrestling, hockey have seen horrible injuries during matches and practice sessions. Players get injured in their heads, legs, back and it takes months to get back on track. This is where a physiotherapist plays the most vital role. They use various techniques and help these broken individuals get back on their feet. If you can join as a resident physio, in any club teams or national teams, know for sure you will have a great career with a decent salary, and you get to travel the world.

Hospitals can’t function without physiotherapists

Hospitals hire physios for dealing with patients suffering from various kinds of injuries. All healthcare institutions need to have trained physios who can deal with extremely critical patients. Mainly trained therapists need to know three broad techniques, including orthopedic physiotherapy, neurological physiotherapy and cardiac physiotherapy.

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You would be required to do manual therapies, exercise programs and electrotherapy techniques. A physio should be familiar with manual resistance training and stretching, muscle strengthening, posture retraining, cardiovascular stretching, nerve stimulation, laser therapy and ultrasound. Once you become a seasoned professional, earning money will not be a problem and this is an allied medical industry, which means it is recession proof. So, the fear of job loss is minimal.

Private practice

Most physiotherapists prefer private practice as it gives them the freedom to choose a clientèle and work according to their priorities. The income level is not fixed, unlike corporate jobs and with more clients, your earnings will continue to grow.

Most physiotherapists visit the patient’s house and do the sessions there only. It helps them decide their schedule, grow their income level and achieve them without having to perform 12 hour shifts at the pay package, which is a peanut.

Some physiotherapists, however, work in private but stay connected with a hospital for better network. In that case, a part of your income will go to the hospitals as a commission, while you get to keep the remaining money.

Salary and Eligibility

On average, the starting salary of a physio is around INR 400,000 per annum in India. This amounts to a monthly amount between 32-35k and is considered pretty decent. To study this course, you must have a score of 50% and above in the science stream in your boards and from 2017 onwards, NEET score is necessary to get a seat in any registered college over here.

Future of the industry

The allied medical services are growing every day and are turning out to be a big market in the upcoming months. As this profession requires a lot of physical labour, many students avoid it. Growth of private healthcare needs support from all allied professionals like nurses, physiotherapists, optometrists and others. As the market has a demand-supply gap, you can make the most of this situation and become an expert physio.

However, this job requires tremendous mental and physical strength as you will be dealing with injuries all day. Moreover, you should also have the art of building a good relationship with your clients so that the patient and his family feel comfortable with you during the sessions.

Final Words

If you are preparing for your medical entrances and would like to become a physiotherapist in the future, you need to start preparing from now. You can come to MyFavTutor, an online tutoring platform and begin your classes at the earliest. They have tutors of all subjects, including physiotherapy and NEET, along with other professional and vocational courses. Don’t wait any further! Quickly visit the platform and begin your classes now.

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Why Are Extracurricular Activities Important in a Student’s Life?

Why Are Extracurricular Activities Important in a Student’s Life

Students these days are burdened with a massive load of syllabus, assignments, homework and class tests. Many of them start fretting out and the constant urge to prove themselves puts them under a lot of pressure. 

In this blog, we will analyse some vital points as to why extracurricular activities are essential in student life and how it can improve students’ mindset and physical agility.


Extracurricular activities help students to increase their commitment towards a particular thing they get involved in. Academic priorities will always be paramount but it is essential to be a multitasking individual as it helps in the development of mind, body and soul. Sports, for example, can be an excellent way to improve commitment and teamwork. When a student plays cricket and brings victory for his team, it gives him confidence and realizing the importance of teamwork is essential. 

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New Skills

Learning new skills improves a person’s confidence level and their ability to think and get accustomed to new things also increases. Academicians always talk about holistic development which can only be achieved through extracurricular activities like yoga, sports, music, debates, drawing and other allied activities. These students can lead from the front and improve their all-round performance. Not just for character building, today these activities are respected by governments and private organizations give preferences to these candidates. So, even for a future career, these will come a handful.

Time Management

Managing time is always tricky, and when you do multiple things, you need to adjust it accordingly. Students performing various activities always find it easier to maintain a disciplined lifestyle. They can organise their schedule and get along with their life well. Only studies are never helpful to convert a student into a responsible individual who can simultaneously handle multiple tasks. This is also one of the reasons why extracurricular activities have been very transforming as an experience.

Academic Performance

It has been observed that academic performances improve drastically owing to better mind-fullness, attention and a broader way to look at things. The growing stress of the modern education system is affecting children and a large part of it can be avoided by doing and performing things that you like. Music is a great stress buster and students can easily play an instrument in the middle of a learning session. It will make it easier for them to learn things and stay afloat in a heavily competitive academic environment. That is why extracurricular activities need to be given the due importance it deserves. 

Parents should encourage children to spend a part of their day doing things that they like and enjoy. It will improve their confidence and help them grow as a mature personality. With greater confidence, time-management and ability to multitask, students who are into various activities always outperform their peers in multiple fields.

If you are a student looking to learn some extracurricular activities like music, drawing, yoga and others, feel free to visit MyFavTutor and post your requirements. It has experienced tutors from all over India and your learning will begin quickly through the online mode.

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6 Tips to Become a Better Cricket Coach

6 Tips to Become a Better Cricket Coach

Cricket is like a religion in India. Around 766 million people watch the game as per a study in 2018. With a large number of coaching centres, sports equipment manufacturers, celebrity management companies and other stakeholders, the game has a $150 billion valuation. Youth in India is crazy about cricket, to say the least. Coaches have a huge responsibility in training these budding youngsters. So, how do you become a successful coach? Let’s see.

A Good Coach Focuses on Specific Issues

A good coach should never generalize a problem and put the blame equally on others. The point being, finding out individual issues and focusing on it is explicitly the need of the hour. If a batsman is getting run out quite frequently, you should sit with him and explain how he should give a call and when listening to the non-striker is crucial. To be an excellent coach, micro specifications are essential. Even though it’s the team that wins or loses, it’s wrong to blame every individual. It is always the fault of a few players in the team.

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Prepare for Individual Sessions

Advanced technology has changed the way coaching is done in cricket. Features like slow motion capturing, motion analysis and twin window comparison have given considerable freedom to coaches to design individual sessions and make players acquainted with hard data. What do these sessions do? Instead of regular practice, they pinpoint at a particular area like swing bowling and give feedback based on the bowler’s performance. A good coach should be able to prepare these individual sessions with a target in mind. Even though most teams have a separate batting, bowling, and fielding coach, you must be vigilant with the team’s progress as a head coach.

Trust Your Players Potential

Player-coach conflict is not a new thing in the cricketing circuit in India. It destroys the motivation of the team and the performance level decreases naturally. In these circumstances, it is quite a challenge for even celebrated coaches to keep the team spirit high and avoid ego issues. So, trusting your player’s potential is important. That is not to say that if the player doesn’t perform, you still keep him playing. But, just for a 1 or 2 match non-performance, do not drop him from the team. Consistency and aggregate performance should be the key here. Build a good relationship with your players and give them sufficient chances to prove themselves. When a player knows that the coach trusts him, his urge to perform well increases and benefits the team in the long term. 

Know The Strength and Weakness of Your Team

As a coach, you should have full knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your team. It can be a brilliant opening pair, or spin bowling, or a phenomenal pace attack; as a coach, you need to work on your team’s advantages while minimizing the weakness. We have seen how Asian teams falter on pacey, green wickets on Australia/UK/South Africa and vice versa. These are strategic decisions that have to keep in mind while deciding your team. Coaches often become overconfident on their team results in defeat. Because with the confidence you choose wrong players according to your bias and the moment you downgrade merit, you have failed as a coach.

Provide Resources to Your Players

Players who cannot afford to buy equipment and kits need to be helped. The responsibility of a coach does not end in just practice sessions. He should let the team management and the sponsors know about the problems and provide the necessary resources like pads, gloves, helmet and other essential things. In addition to this, give the players detailed video footage of the practice sessions to see their mistakes while at home. Many players find it difficult to rectify their problems due to the lack of resources. This needs to be eliminated as soon as possible and ensure that no one lacks the required equipment necessary to uplift their performances.

Try to Understand Others Point of View

Your team might not be playing well during certain seasons and those are times when you must listen to your players patiently. Let them speak out their mind and ask them what could have been done to avoid this. Many coaches behave very aggressively with their players after a bad day or a series defeat leading to an atmosphere of fear. A good coach should point out every single mistake but also hear their issues on the field. Personal issues and lack of confidence sometimes make players out of focus leading to poor performances like catch miss and sloppy fielding, getting out at bad deliveries and inconsistent bowling. Talk to them and get their point of view. The more you can sort out personal issues and problems, you are a better coach than others.

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7 Compelling Reasons for Students to Focus on Music Lessons

7 Compelling Reasons for Students to Focus on Music Lessons

Students often find it incredibly difficult to deal with long hours of study and a mammoth syllabus. They tend to give up; some resort to self-harm or even suicide and others develop a tremendous hatred for education altogether. This can be easily avoided if you start taking your music lessons seriously. Yes, the more you indulge in musical activities, the more your mind will be free from all these stresses. Whenever you feel bad about yourself, just pick up an instrument you like and start playing. Sing your favorite songs loudly, so that even your neighbors can hear!

In this blog, we discuss 7 benefits that students can easily get by learning music while taking a break from studies

1. Language Skills

Learning music helps to develop the learning capacity of the brain. The left side of the brain, which helps human beings to process languages, gets a boost by learning music. Researches on neuroscience have proved that students learning music, as a higher chance of learning more than 2 languages, at ease due to quicker functioning. In the long term, music also adds on to your extracurricular activities and with a greater number of languages, you will have multiple career options open for you.

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2. Better Test Score 

Music acts as a brilliant stressbuster, which enhances the ability of students to focus more on studies. Studies have shown that those who are learning vocal or instrumental music, scores better than their counterparts in various subjects. This happens because our brain gets tired after long hours of study. If not given enough relaxation, then any person will lose their memory in important times like examinations, as we all know, an overworked machine is bound to crumble. After studying for an hour or two, just pick up your guitar and play your favorite songs; that will be magic. Results will improve and you will stop hating your syllabus. 

3. Mathematics Skill

While learning music, you will be learning the rhythm of the music. While doing so, you will have to use logic to understand the rhythm count and bars, which will enhance your brains ability to use logic to understand numerical functions. This is why it is often found that those who learn music tend to be good at mathematics. Fractions are used in music to mention the length of notes. Also, the time signature gives an idea about the rhythm, which is a direct connection between mathematics and music. So, if you want to be good at mathematics, start learning music from a young age.

4. Better Brain Function

Music has a very powerful effect on the brain. Research have shown that music helps the brain to become stress-free, enhance memory capacity and reduce pain in case of injuries. Also, music therapy has been healing patients across the world. The word famous Raagas of Indian classical music has been doing miracles around the globe. Ailing patients in hospital ICU are getting better either by singing along with popular songs or feeling the mysticism of these wonderful raagas. Whenever you feel tired, depressed, or extremely anxious at any point of time, just put your headphone on and start playing your favorite playlist. Forget your stress; feel rejuvenated. 

5. Creativity

Music improves your creativity to a large extent. This is because music composers need to have a creative mindset, to construct a beautiful tune. They are a class apart for a reason. In general, when a student learns something new in music, then after a while, he/she tries to set up a unique tone on new lyrics, enhancing the creative aspects of the brain. Furthermore, music makes you think and analyze each song’s composition, which encourages you to utilize your musical knowledge and find a way to create something unique. Your signature tone..huh..who doesn’t want it?

6. Social Connect

Music is a great way to connect with people socially and build a solid network. When you form a band or play in an orchestra, you learn to socialize with people and share your opinion confidently in a group of individuals. You make great friends in music. Apart from this, as a student, when you perform in school and college fests, then you create a fan following. People would love to connect with you through social media and you become a celebrated figure within your circles, which grows with time.

7. Trains the Ear

Music trains the year and you begin to appreciate and feel the sounds of nature more deeply. A bird chirping or the fall of a raindrop or people smiling would sound different to your ears and you will feel exuberant in this diverse mix. Your muscle memory improves and every vowel and word spoken in the course of a song would be introspected carefully by you. As a student, you will begin to listen to softer sounds beautifully and this is a great observation.

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