What’s the Best Thing About Psychiatry As a Career

What’s the Best Thing About Psychiatry As a Career

A small statistic to begin with; globally 264 million people suffer from depression, anxiety attacks, panic disorders and chronic mental health issues. These include corporate executives, entrepreneurs, sports and film stars, children, women ; in short every segment of a population that you can think of. Dealing with these needs constant psychiatric supervision and a long term treatment. As we are running a rat race everyday, the competition, peer pressure, financial insecurities, health issues and family problems are killing us mentally. It’s only when people commit suicide or do something nasty, that others start noticing that there are issues that needs fixing. In this context, let us understand why psychiatrists play the most crucial role in helping people survive a bit more.

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What Does a Psychiatrist Do?

Psychiatrists work with neurological issues but unlike professional neurologists, they don’t treat structural disorders like epilepsy, strokes etc. Mainly a psychiatrist work on issues like depression, anxiety and phobias by therapy sessions which may go on for months. When the counselling doesn’t work, only then you need to prescribe medicines.

Treatment Process

Unlike other fields of medicine, Psychiatry does not have any tested format that will cure the disease. The treatments are always on the basis of the recovery level of the patients and their response to the sessions. Those who suffer from acute depression and phobia are provided with a mix of medications and therapy depending on the situation. Psychiatrists need to be very good observers and understand human psychology well. Patients who have traumatic past like domestic abuse, rape victims,  and custodial torture keep on remembering those terrible events and break down emotionally unable to concentrate in their work. They are given medicines, injections and electroconvulsive therapies to get over the situation.   

Life, Salary and Growth   

Psychiatrists have a tough life due to the tremendous mental stress they have to bear on a daily basis. Dealing with victims who have been mentally and physically violated, creates a negative emotion and trying to fix these broken people needs a lot of courage. You can work in private and public hospitals, health centers, polyclinics, research institutions and various other areas. Established Psychiatrists start their own chamber and treat patients. In India, the starting salary of  a Psychiatrist is anywhere between Rs 20,000- 25,000 per month and it will increase as you grow in experience.  

Most of the days you will have to listen to various problems and traumatic incidents that have affected your patients life. The session durations are generally 1-1.5 hours in the beginning after which it increases or decreases depending on the reaction of your patient. As a Psychiatrist, you should have great listening skills and communication. The ability to think like your patient is vital here. Unlike normal medical professionals, you might not have a weekend, as meeting patients personally and in off hours is also a part of your job. 

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Where Can You Study?

The best medical colleges in India, like AIIMS and AFMC do offer the 5.5 year full time MBBS course after which you can do a post graduation in the subject. To get a graduation degree, clearing NEET is mandatory and you must have Biology at the plus 2 level. In the course, you will learn human physiology as well as all the detailed elements that create mental disorders, childhood trauma, epidemiology and other subjects. Considering the taboo related to mental health, most students avoid these courses which has led to a massive demand of these professionals. Those who are well known Psychiatrists, earn around Rs 12lakhs to Rs 15lakhs per annum while in the USA it is between $150,000 – $300,000 per annum. As people are becoming more aware of mental health and are searching for expert Psychiatrists, your career will be flying high from day one.

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Psychiatry as a career has great potential and is financially rewarding. However, clearing entrance exams like NEET is quite tough and needs a strategic well planned approach. In MyFavTutor, you will get expert tutors who will guide you in pursuing this course. In case you are already a Psychiatrist, you can sign up now and teach aspiring candidates. Being one of the largest tutoring platforms in India, MyFavTutor caters to the needs of all kinds of students with its vast database of courses. Start your search today and get trained by the best minds all over India.

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Video Editor: A Great Career in the Making

Video Editor A Great career in the making

Video editing is becoming a great sought after profession due to the massive number of video uploads in YouTube and other platforms. As YouTubers are killing it with millions of views and dollars, quality thumbnails,VFX, sound editing, graphics design and other aspects are becoming more important. Not only Youtube, video editors have important work in films, web series, sports, documentaries and all other forms of motion art. This is an interesting profession that can provide you with a great career. In this blog, let us see the prospects and qualities required to be an expert in video editing.

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Qualifications and Training required

Video editing needs a lot of softwares and you must know the technicalities of each one of them. Not only making it attractive for the audience, a video editor should have a creative mind to understand which portions of the content which is unnecessary and eliminate them from the clip.

There are no official degrees that you need; in short, any graduate can become a video editor if they have the patience and the ability to learn the techniques. There are several online courses which you can take regarding video editing courses teaching you sound editing techniques, colour correction, audio sync, scene breakdowns, advanced motion graphics etc.

As video editing does not have a proper degree course, owing to its professional and offbeat nature, you can learn it from coaching academies, online tutors and crash courses. The main focus will be on the hands-on experience as nothing much is there to learn in the theoretical portion. So when you start a course, download all the relevant softwares and practise it as much as possible.


The salary of a video editor depends on the industry the person is working in. For big production houses making films, you would be starting with around INR 900,000 per year. Celebrity film editors can earn upto INR 40,00,000 per film and the sky’s the limit. For newbies, you can start with an approximate salary of around Rs 15,000 and eventually move up the ladder. With experience, skills and expertise, your salary will continue to grow and you can make a big career out of that.

Future of Video editors

Video consumption being the most vibrant part of promotional activities today, editors will play a vital role in finishing off the fine-tuning stuff and make it reach the audience in greater numbers. Video editors can work independently and earn from individual clients and also work in large production houses. It is important to note here that initially, getting a job will be very tough as this is not quite a mainstream field.

Start your classes with MyFavTutor

MyFavTutor, one of the largest online portals in India, has tutors covering all kinds of subjects and courses. They have professional video editors, graphics designers as well as other professional courses. Hence you can take online video editing training here and become an expert in the subject. If you dream of creating videos that would start trending, well, this is your time. Start your video editing classes with MyFavTutor and grow your expertise to the next level.

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DevOps Engineer: The Most Demanding Job Profile in The Upcoming Years

DevOps Engineer: The Most Demanding Job Profile in The Upcoming Years

DevOps is a relatively new field in the IT world. It’s role is to bridge the gap between software development teams and IT operations. They basically work with the cloud architecture and help companies build quality open source softwares, which can be scaled, implemented and used by global clients. DevOps Engineers are quite similar to IT project managers who oversee multiple activities and help in the coordination between departments within an organisation. As a DevOps specialist, you need to have a strong knowledge of code testing, agile methodology and open source tools. 

In this blog, let us look closely about the DevOps market, salary, prospects and technical skills.

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DevOps: Technical Skills Required

DevOps being a new area, does not have any specific degree courses that can qualify you to become one. Learning platforms provide some online courses that will give you theoretical knowledge and live projects to test your application skills.

In general, a DevOps engineer should be thoroughly knowledgeable about cloud platforms (AWS, Azure), configuration management, automation, scripting and product development/testing. These are some vital qualities that you should have before planning to move ahead in this field. 

DevOps engineers should have a strong understanding of market needs and demands. They need to improvise on codes, build cloud infrastructure, add permissions, streamline the workflow process, and add objects to meet the business needs.

As the field is quite new, most companies are finding it difficult to explain the exact roles, responsibilities and tech skills that should define this segment. However, as the market is getting hotter, what are the salaries and future opportunities for a DevOps; let’s see.

DevOps: Salary and Promotion

DevOps engineers are hired by all the top IT companies in India and abroad. On average, the starting salary of a DevOps is around Rs. 674,000 per annum as per In the US, it is a whopping $133,000 per annum and with experience it can go upto $180,000-200,000 per annum. Getting a job is not a problem as the supply is lesser than demand and bulge bracket firms like IBM and Google are also hiring in this field. 

You can join as DevOps architect, release manager, security engineer, software tester, automation engineer and integration specialist. This is a rewarding career with a lot of coding languages and testing environment that you can work and grow your experience on. Quality employees who has enough experience in handling multiple projects and developing softwares that are industry-ready, going up the ranks is possible without much hassles. From a DevOps architect to a project manager to the operations head of a company, this is a career with great prospects and responsibilities which will help you grow as an employee.

If this article makes you feel interested in learning DevOps courses and becoming a professional, then enroll in online learning courses. At MyFavTutor, you will have experienced tutors, training you about the new skills and getting you accustomed to software tools, codes, libraries. It is one of India’s largest e-learning websites that will guide you to the right path and help you learn courses online, which will take you closer to your dream career.

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Obsessed with Grades? Here Is Why You Are Harming Yourself

Obsessed with Grades Here Is Why You Are Harming Yourself

Grades, the sweetest yet scariest word in the academic world, is hailed as the sole criteria of judging a student. Parents, Children, Tutors, Schools and Colleges; any person or institution, even remotely associated with education, goes gung-ho about marks and grades. They feel that anyone scoring above 90% needs to be treated differently and the student must be exceptional in not only education but all other walks of life. 

The result? As per NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) data, in 2018 alone, 10,159 students committed suicide, which translates to 28 deaths every day, owing to parental and peer pressure. These include students from premium institutes like IIT, coaching institutes, schools and many more. Grades, or the obsession with it, are creating more damage to the learning process and in this blog, we will discuss it further.

Why Do Grades Mean So Much?

Getting accepted into a decent college is not on top of the to-do list if one does not get good grades . To put that into perspective, in 2019, the cut off of one of India’s finest institutions (Hindu College), shot up to 99% for entry to their political science stream! Weird? Definitely, and that’s where the problem lies.

Unlike Europe and the USA, where SAT, TOEFL, GRE and various other entrance exams are conducted worldwide to screen the best students, Indian universities look at class 12 marks as the sole criteria for admission. This makes students go crazy over their percentages and those who are not on those lists feel dejected.

Any standard university checks students’ marks, entrance scores, interview performance, and decides whether it is worth selecting the candidate, much like the IIMs and other higher learning institutions. However, in India, degree course colleges bring out merit lists only on the marks obtained in the boards leading to this problem.

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Grades Cannot Define IQ

In the midst of all these, academicians have repeatedly shown concern about the lack of encouragement given towards innovation and analytical ability leading to a fall in student qualities. PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), takes an examination to assess students’ analytical ability globally. In 2009, India finished at 72, second last, ahead of only Kyrgyzstan. This shocking result has indicated that application-based questions are something students are still not comfortable with. 

The urge to score high and the competition among schools rarely gives space to new ideas coming or debating new research. Learning a science subject requires more practical classes than theories. Real life examples, learning tours, videos/images along with latest updates from journals are some of the most engaging ways to help students understand the subject. The interest in the subjects grows and students can easily relate to it. 

Giving them challenging projects also brings out the best and those who have creative ideas can be groomed further. Instead of mere grades, ideas need to be celebrated. 

Are Success and Grades Mutually Inclusive?

Several successful personalities have become entrepreneurs, scientists, musicians, teachers, etc. with average grades. Albert Einstein was so fed up with the schooling system that he never gave much importance to these mechanically conducted exams and performed poorly. There are several examples in India as well, i.e., Ritesh Agarwal, the founder of OYO Rooms, is a college dropout with a net worth of $1.1 billion. The point is, if your target is fixed and you are thinking ten years down the line, then you will have decent progress in your career. 

If you look around most high scoring students are doing pretty much the same jobs in the IT/Finance/Consulting sector, as other employees. Yes, scoring high does indeed prove your academic consistency and discipline, but it does not make you an exceptional calibre student by default.

Final Words

Scoring high marks can never be the end goal of any student at any point of time. At best, it is a validation of memorizing capabilities that gives you the scope of higher learning in good universities. However, in professional courses like engineering, law, medicine, hospitality, and others, there are entrance tests, group discussions, and interviews. Hence, higher scores will not give you an advantage and it’s a level playing field for all. If you get good marks, well and good, if not, get into a lower repute college, but focus on the subjects more. At the end of the day, your professional success will depend on your commitment to the work, expertise and the value that you bring on the table.

MyFavTutor, one of the most promising tutoring platforms in India, is providing you the scope to connect with the best tutors, in any subject. Train yourself from the most experienced faculties, learn and understand the topic well, and gradually improve your marks. Don’t make the learning process a liability; enjoy the subjects as you move along.

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Why Are Extracurricular Activities Important in a Student’s Life?

Why Are Extracurricular Activities Important in a Student’s Life

Students these days are burdened with a massive load of syllabus, assignments, homework and class tests. Many of them start fretting out and the constant urge to prove themselves puts them under a lot of pressure. 

In this blog, we will analyse some vital points as to why extracurricular activities are essential in student life and how it can improve students’ mindset and physical agility.


Extracurricular activities help students to increase their commitment towards a particular thing they get involved in. Academic priorities will always be paramount but it is essential to be a multitasking individual as it helps in the development of mind, body and soul. Sports, for example, can be an excellent way to improve commitment and teamwork. When a student plays cricket and brings victory for his team, it gives him confidence and realizing the importance of teamwork is essential. 

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New Skills

Learning new skills improves a person’s confidence level and their ability to think and get accustomed to new things also increases. Academicians always talk about holistic development which can only be achieved through extracurricular activities like yoga, sports, music, debates, drawing and other allied activities. These students can lead from the front and improve their all-round performance. Not just for character building, today these activities are respected by governments and private organizations give preferences to these candidates. So, even for a future career, these will come a handful.

Time Management

Managing time is always tricky, and when you do multiple things, you need to adjust it accordingly. Students performing various activities always find it easier to maintain a disciplined lifestyle. They can organise their schedule and get along with their life well. Only studies are never helpful to convert a student into a responsible individual who can simultaneously handle multiple tasks. This is also one of the reasons why extracurricular activities have been very transforming as an experience.

Academic Performance

It has been observed that academic performances improve drastically owing to better mind-fullness, attention and a broader way to look at things. The growing stress of the modern education system is affecting children and a large part of it can be avoided by doing and performing things that you like. Music is a great stress buster and students can easily play an instrument in the middle of a learning session. It will make it easier for them to learn things and stay afloat in a heavily competitive academic environment. That is why extracurricular activities need to be given the due importance it deserves. 

Parents should encourage children to spend a part of their day doing things that they like and enjoy. It will improve their confidence and help them grow as a mature personality. With greater confidence, time-management and ability to multitask, students who are into various activities always outperform their peers in multiple fields.

If you are a student looking to learn some extracurricular activities like music, drawing, yoga and others, feel free to visit MyFavTutor and post your requirements. It has experienced tutors from all over India and your learning will begin quickly through the online mode.

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5 Stimulating Activities for Students to Deal with The Lockdown Blues

5 Stimulating Activities for Students to Deal with The Lockdown Blues

The covid19 pandemic situation has locked down the entire world in the four walls of their houses. Students suffer the most, where not only are they devoid of living a healthy life with lots of educational and sports activities, they are also stuck at home just like everyone else. As the schools and colleges are closed for an indefinite period, they cannot attend the school, meet their friends, or learn new things to get their minds refreshed.

However, it is a surprising fact that many students are utilizing this situation for their benefit. This lockdown period let us evoke new thoughts and read about the stimulating activities the students are performing to cut the boredom.

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Providing Voluntary Services

Of late students are often found to take an interest in a variety of social activities. Cleaning up services, planting more trees, and arranging funds to provide food to the needy people, are some of the most popular activities taken up by students during this time. This is an excellent initiative because it is helping society as a whole and assisting the students in becoming more disciplined throughout their lives.

Cooking and Baking

This lockdown has proved to be fruitful for the mothers too. Be it a boy or a girl, it has become a trend among teenagers to try and experiment with new dishes now and then. After following different cooking channels or online cooking classes, they love to lend their helping hands in the kitchen. Thanks to these channels, cooking and baking have become quite easy to learn. The presentations of such classes are awe-inspiring and hence attracting the generation. Although many times the kitchen is left in a mess. However, it is good that they find cooking as a recreational activity.

Looking After Their Health More Than Ever

Coronavirus has left such an impact on the young minds that the students are found to take their health more seriously now. Maintaining hygiene is their first priority. Meditation and workouts are a part of their daily routine. Students are religiously following a healthy lifestyle wherein they eat nutritious food and strictly cut down junk foods. They complete a minimum of eight hours of sleep and focus on building up their immunity. 

Performing Brainstorming Activities

There is a long list of brainstorming activities which the students are enjoying during this pandemic situation. A lot of fun and interactive guessing games, the likes and dislikes game, no subtitles game, English Shiritori game, and compound word game are most commonly played fun-filled brainstorming games enjoyed by the students.

Working on Self Talent

The entire nation going under lockdown has helped the students from every nook and corner to find their own talent. Every student is different and this lockdown has helped them develop their unique talent. The most popular tutor search portals encourage them to focus on their interest and learn new things from the experts. Teachers from across the nation are guiding the students to work on their right talents. Online classes of cooking, art, and craft, beautician courses, interior designing courses, fashion designing, digital marketing course graphic designing, jewellery designing, creative writing, video editing, etc. are conducted by learned tutors. They are helping the students more than ever. 

MyFavTutor is the right platform to search for an expert for developing your talent. It is an online tutor search portal where you will find a number of well-experienced tutors from all over the country. With the help of MyFavTutor, expert teachers of every field are just a click away.

So, what are you waiting for? Join MyFavTutor and find the right tutor to give wings to your dreams.

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Make Learning Fun with These Engaging Games

Make Learning Fun With These Engaging Game

We all like to play games. It helps us focus intensely on the things we do and helps release our stress. After the Smartphone revolution, multiple Gaming apps have became our newest obsession, and kids spent hours with it. Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, people are glued to their mobiles more than ever. Online classes are in full swing and we all are trying to adjust to the new normal. But, what if these games can be used to improve the learning experience? 

In this blog, we will discuss how we can encourage students to play games that suit their learning needs.

Step Up The Difficulty Level Slowly

While engaging students in playing games encourage them to continue playing as long as they can move higher up. Slowly, they will come to a situation, which will be optimum for them. Let’s say a student is stuck at round 8 of a game. The next time he can start playing from there. This way, each student will perform at a level that suits them. Start at the easiest level and then tell them to move higher.

Keep Them in The Flow

When you go crazy with a particular game, then you stay in the flow. You forget your daily routine like eating, sleeping and keep on playing the game until you reach your goals. When the skill and difficulty level is at sync, then the flow automatically comes and the game becomes the nucleus of your body.

Immediate Feedback

Give instant feedback on the performance of the students. In games, we are immediately reminded of our failure and instantly, you can start the same round all over again. It improves the response time and as a person, we can quickly rectify our mistakes and improve performance in the next round. Similarly, during exams, instead of wasting 2-3 days for publication, tutors need to install upgraded softwares for quick results. Let the student know his fault instantly and give another chance to restrategize and sit again.

Contests and Prizes.

Everyone loves money and recognition. Just like games, announce contests and prizes depending on marks in the examinations. It will bring in more students into the competition and the level of commitment will be much more. Frame interesting rules, like toppers, will get a free movie ticket, or a restaurant pass, monetary amount and you will come to see that learning will then be real fun. Divide the students based on their merit, so that kids of similar calibre can compete at the same level. This is not to dishearten those who are slightly weaker but motivate them to do well and prepare to face the toughest challenges in life.

Compete with Yourself

In this technique, students don’t need to compete with other students but need to slowly improve their performances. Help them develop their knowledge base and slowly the scores will gradually rise from 50, 60, that. In this process, they will be able to grow in confidence and a gradual improvement in their performance level would be possible.

Gamifying the education system will be a giant step in unshackling the rigidity within it. The set teaching methods need to be revamped to make a visible difference in the ways students are learning their subjects. As experts talk about de-stressing the student community, a change in the learning pattern is a significant step. As we all enjoy playing games, quizzes and contests in various formats, tutors and academic institutions need to consider this seriously. Many tutors, enrolled in MyFavTutor, have already started off with these revolutionary teaching methods. Visit the website and learn while you play games. 

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6 Reasons Why Learning Mobile App Development Can Change Your Life

6 Reasons Why Learning Mobile App Development Can Change Your Life

People are using apps to perform every single task that is available. The popularity of these apps has forced most companies to have an active android based application that can be used for multiple purposes. Software companies are investing heavily on mobile app developers, for creating visually appealing and user friendly apps. In this blog, we will discuss how learning mobile app development can change your life.

Easy to Learn

Learning mobile app development is not a difficult thing. If you are looking to make a career in iOS and Android mobile app development, you simply need to know core java and XML. Android applications have Java coding on it and the XML helps in framing the app layout and design. If you have an interest in coding and can give 3-4 hours a day, mastering these two languages will not take more than six months. Online platforms are providing you multiple such courses at a minimal amount. Go ahead, if you like to code and want to build stunning apps, then go ahead.


App developers get a handsome salary from the start of the career. As per, the starting salary of a mobile app developer is around INR 420,000 per annum in India. Also, depending on cities, position and experience, your salary will increase further. App developers work in various designations, which include mobile architect, android developer. Embedded software engineer etc. Start learning mobile app development, if you want to start your career with a hefty pay package and climb the corporate ladder faster.

Career Opportunities

Mobile app developers are hired by the top software firms across the world. As a developer, you can be employed by Deloitte, Intel, Uber, Amazon and many such bulge bracket firms. You can work in these firms and grow your career faster. Apart from these, there is always an option to start freelancing and get paid for each project. This will give you an earning 5X of your job, at the minimum. You can also teach students, open an academy, and become an adviser to your clients, which is even more profitable. 

Open Source Platform 

Android apps are mostly open source code and hence it can be scaled, modified and consolidated. As an app developer, you can work on these apps and implement modifications to help it grow. This is why companies like Google, Motorola, and Samsung using the android platform have been able to develop the OS and its apps successfully. In today’s time, when users are asking for new features, updates and designs almost everyday, open source softwares is a boon to the tech industry.

Growth of App Based Transactions

In 2019, there were 10 billion transactions through apps, in India alone. Not only monetary transactions, from shopping, food delivery, paid games, education, travel bookings, movie tickets…app usage is taking the prime slot in every sphere. It is estimated that there are more than 2 million apps on the play store and the figure will only grow broader in the future. App developers are becoming more important as with greater competition, building user friendly apps with unique features has become essential.

Online Community

There are several online communities like Stack overflow and unity forum where developers can learn, share and write codes for the development of apps. After you know programming languages, you can join these communities and share your opinion with others. Get connected with other developers and get lucrative jobs also from this portal. 

If you want to learn app development, then take help from industry professionals and faculties at MyFavTutor. The platform gives you an outstanding opportunity to learn these techniques and develop stunning apps that will change the world.

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Why is It Beneficial to Study Sports Medicine

Why is It Beneficial to Study Sports Medicine

Not every sport is the same; consequently, not every athlete has the same physical strength, stamina and immune system. Professional athletes constantly push their body limits. They perform various tough exercises and do adventurous stuff to test their body’s stamina. Injuries and pain are an inevitable part of their life with which they struggle the most.

Athletes keep on competing to dig out the best aspect within them. Some injuries are so drastic that it takes a long time to recover. There are health professionals who specialise in sports medicine and work solely to assist these athletes in their physical well-being. Apart from treating their critical injuries, they guide them in every way to improve their performance.

As the training of these athletes is quite intense, there are probable chances that the body gets injured. At such a time, sports medicine is highly beneficial. They address several kinds of injuries and focus on the complete fitness of the athlete. When you specialise in sports medicine, it generates several employment opportunities and the demand for such professionals remains high.

Why Should You Study Sports Medicine?

In the present hectic scenario, people are getting health-conscious and pay utmost attention to their physical and mental well-being. Apart from better job opportunities, there are several benefits of being an expert in sports medicine.

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Improved Injury Prevention

The professionals of sports medicine have in-depth knowledge of the entire body parts. They know how a movement impacts their body. They guide them on how to prevent probable injuries. Even if one has suffered from any critical injuries in the past, it will remain unaffected with their unique set of exercises.

 Innovative Treatment Options

Athletes are quite concerned about their bodies, especially when they get injured. They want quick treatment which ensures immediate recovery so that they can return to the pavilion. Sports medicine experts excel in providing innovative treatment options so that fitness enthusiasts may recover quickly. New treatments like stem cell therapy, PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) therapy ensures the restoration of the injured body parts.

Personalised Care

Professionals who specialise in sports medicine take wholesome care of fitness experts, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They work in collaboration with the orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists to guide them with particular exercises. They customise the treatment and diet plans as per the individual’s body efficacy.

Improved Performance

Athletes and fitness freaks always want to enhance their performance and the body’s potential. None other than sports medicine is the best way to gain height in their sports performance. The practitioners not only treat their fatal injuries but guide them with their exercises, diet and fitness training programs. They work to identify the improvement spots that may impact their performance.

Exclusive Care and Maintenance

Sports medicine is not only about treating and curing injuries, but it also deals with preventing them from adequate fitness programs. The professionals identify the weak spots in the athlete’s body and assist them in improving such areas. It not only enhances their performance but also reduces the risk of getting injured.

Whether it is the amateur or professionals athletes, sports medicine experts guide them with their healthcare needs. They customise the fitness plan according to the age, gender and type of sports an individual plays. As the type of injury is different in different games, the treatment procedure also differs. It is an advancing career option that one can pursue.

In this critical pandemic scenario, don’t waste your time sitting idle. Seek the help of the online platform and learn from the best tutors around the world. Register at MyFavTutor and learn from the professionals of sports medicine. It is a one-stop destination to pursue a degree in sports medicine.

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Passed Without Exams: How Much Can It Affect The Future of Students

Passed Without Exams How Much Can It Affect The Future of Students

Students have been awarded their board results and final semester certificates in the 2020-21 season owing to the Coronavirus scare. Most universities were unable to conduct the final examinations and, as a result, have awarded the degrees based on the average marks that the students have scored in their class exams. Even though there were not many options this year, many academicians are of the opinion that this average marking might create a lot of problems in the days to come. Foreign institutions might not accept these degrees and getting admission would become a difficult thing.

UGC is Concerned

UGC (University Grants Commission), the apex body of higher education in India, has expressed concern in this regard. The chairperson has clearly said that instead of this average marking, the academic institutions should use the online method or expand their exam schedule to accommodate most of them. He believed that these aggregate markings might create a lifelong problem as in the degree marksheets, it would have to be mentioned that no final examination was taken due to the adverse circumstances.

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Why is Online Not a Feasible Option?

Delhi University and some of the IIT’s went on with the online exam amid massive protests by students. The protests took place as, for a vast number of rural students in India, fast internet continues to be a luxury.
On this ground, conducting mass-scale online examinations was never a good option, to begin with. Access to the internet is quite limited to the urban conglomerate. In the rural side, although it is available but the speed remains an issue even today.

In addition to that, the commission felt that there is a massive chance of malpractices once the examination is conducted in the online format. Students will have the option of using Google to get answers, books/notes and the assistance of parents and friends are also available as it is a home-based exam. Even though advanced softwares is available, universities and exam centers were reluctant to invest such a lot of money just for a temporary situation. Hence, the idea of the online exam had to be scrapped.

Student’s Miss Out a Fair Chance

Many professors believe that average students who were slogging hard to do well in the final exams suffered the most. Even though it is a rare occasion that an average student would suddenly do well but,  it has been observed that the percentage increases by a certain margin during the boards and final semesters owing to lenient checking, moderate questions and objective answering pattern. Should any of them take the legal route, both the university and the commission would get into trouble. Just merely suggesting that they are incapable of conducting an exam due to the virus, will not be enough to satisfy all stakeholders in this regard.

However, faculties of most universities believe that India can easily follow the open book examination system of the west. However, to do that, all the questions need to be application-based, as a typical theory or numericals would easily be solved by going through the book. Indian education is going through a transformational time with online tutoring, exams, study material and results becoming the new normal. In this situation, students are desperately buying more gadgets; bet it a laptop, tablet, or PC and are looking to improve their learning experience.

Final Words

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