Study Tips to Prepare for CBSE MCQ Based Term 1 Exam

There is a recent change that requires conducting pre-final examinations as Term 1 by the CBSE board. It is to help students practice and adapt to current changes.

The board released sample papers to help both teachers and students to understand the pattern of examination. As per the recent update, the marks allocated for Term 1 subjects include:

  • English – 40 marks
  • Mathematics – 40 marks
  • Biology – 35 marks
  • Chemistry – 35 marks
  • Physics – 35 marks

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Tips to Prepare for CBSE Excel MCQ Based Term 1 Examination

The following tips will help you prepare for the CBSETerm 1 test:

1. Make a Study Plan

Create a study plan that helps you cover every important part of your chapters. Make a schedule and devote your time according to the subjects and chapters you need to prepare for Term 1.

Divide the chapters according to importance and difficulty to understand. Follow a set plan for every day and tick off revisions as and when done.

The final revision will take around 10 days. So, set your timings accordingly and make sure your study hours are solid and undistracted.

2. Adhere to the NCERT Syllabus

Once you devise the strategy, arrange concept-based studying and question the practical knowledge of each aspect. MCQ-based answering methods require cleared concepts and not memorizing paragraphs where you can explain an answer. You need to understand what you study to be confident about what you tick.

The tip to follow the NCERT syllabus will help you understand the process of learning for CBSE. It opens up objective-based questions for you. It is best to purchase a book that gives you a complete idea of the NCERT syllabus irrespective of the regular ones in your academic list.

3. Appoint an Online Tutor

Online tutoring is currently one of the best strategies for enhanced teaching and learning. It allows you to prepare remotely and get personal attention from an expert tutor. When you find a tutor online, you will select an experienced teacher who has complete knowledge regarding the CBSE board examination. The tutor will guide you further to excel in your Term 1 exam and help you clear concepts better.

4. Sit for Online Mock Test

A platform like MyFavTutor lets you get a complete experience of what a real examination is like. With its online mock test facility, students can prepare for their Term 1 exam by having a trial run. The experience will help you manage your time, get acquainted with the recent changes by the CBSE board, and test your knowledge. The practice of appearing for mock tests is an important tip that keeps your fears away during the main examination.

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5. Preparing Correctly

CBSE board exams from now on will be held in two parts – Term 1 and Term 2. The first one will include 50% of the syllabus and have 40 marks in an objective form. It is important to understand the division between the first and second examinations to be clear about preparing. Divide the chapters accordingly and revise at every interval to keep the memory fresh.

Final Thoughts

It is best to have an expert to guide you during changes in how a board conducts an exam. The coronavirus pandemic has brought several changes in education format, so guidance is necessary. A qualified tutor from MyFavTutor can be your best guide to prepare for your exams better.

How to Make Science Easier for Students Through Online Tutoring?

Science can be one of the toughest subjects to learn if concepts are not clear. As a student goes into high school, they have to study three different segregations of science – chemistry, physics and biology. Their education at a school level determines their credibility to take up a specific stream in college. So, all students must master science subjects to fulfil their future aspirations.

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Why Your Child Needs Online Science Tuition?

An online tutor for science can make the process of learning and understanding clearer for the student. Let us find out why you should enrol your child for online science tuition:

1. Personalized Attention

Once you find a science tutor, you will help your child get personalized attention during the learning sessions. Individual attention helps a child concentrate better as the teacher only focuses on one student and enhances their understanding. One-to-one communication makes it easier for the student to grasp what they learn and also quickly resolve queries.

2. Visual Representation

Since we have upgraded from blackboard classes, it allows tutors to use internet technology at its best. Tutors can use demonstrations taking data from the internet to explain concepts better. These do not limit to textbooks and help tutors provide graphical representation for better understanding. Such data help students understand scientific theories easily and quickly.

3. Using Online Tools to Teach Better

Some virtual tools to use during online classes include:

  • Whiteboards
  • Text editors
  • Virtual games
  • Pointers
  • Drawing tools
  • Screen-sharing tools
  • Breakout rooms
  • File editors

Such tools aid the learning process to make subjects easier to understand for every student. Initially, the tutor needs to explain the purpose of using such tools. Slowly, as the student learns to utilize them, it will help the coaching process.

4. Helps Tutors Understand Strengths

A face-to-face classroom creates an intimate space between the tutor and student. It helps the tutor understand the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Online education helps a tutor to easily engage and understand the aspects that the child finds difficulty in. They can assertively take measures to resolve the weaknesses and encourage the strengths.

A science student likely prefers one science subject over another. An online tutor can understand this during the process of teaching. For example, if a student prefers physics over chemistry, he/she probably needs more time learning chemistry. Such preference helps the tutor understand their strengths and find ways to make the other subjects interesting.

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5. Tracking Progress

To understand how well a student is learning the subject, tutors can take frequent mock tests. These tests will reveal how well students have prepared and keep them ready for their main examinations.

Students need to understand different diagrams, formulas, and theories to understand science subjects. Tutors that encourage frequent mock tests will help the students constantly check their understanding level. Once tutors understand where students are going wrong, they will take the right measures to clarify those concepts better.

Final Thoughts

A science tutor can change the way your child takes an interest in science subjects. To make science easy to understand and fun to learn, appoint an online science tutor today. To find a qualified tutor for your child, check out MyFavTutor. It is a one-stop destination for students to find qualified tutors across multiple subjects and learn from home.

Benefits of Olympiads for Building Brilliant Minds

Olympiads are competitive examinations that students can participate at national and international levels. The subjects are primarily science-based and including chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, computer science, and more.

Students are tested in their logical perspectives and scientific reasoning through these examinations. Students who score well get certified, win awards and medals. Such recognition helps them build their career and opens opportunities for scholarships to study at reputed universities.

Why is participation and preparation for Olympiads essential?

Olympiads offer an early-age exposure to students towards the competitive world. The examinations prepare the students to develop advanced thinking abilities. It shapes their concept-building techniques and increases self-confidence to be at the top of their game constantly.

These examinations help students build problem-solving skills and increase analytical thinking. Thus, students aspiring to become Olympiads must search for private tutors for preparation. Their expertise will help them crack the most difficult tests and come out with flying colours.

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What to expect from participating in Olympiad examinations?

Here are some factors that explain why Olympiads are important for students:

  • Olympiad gives the student a platform to exhibit their talent and skills in the subjects they are the strongest
  • The exam helps them prepare well to gain in-depth knowledge about different subjects
  • The constant practice of studying and appearing for online mock tests keeps their mind sharp and helps grow aptitude
  • Students get constant exposure to competition that helps them prepare for the future
  • The exams are targets that the students can set for themselves and constantly focus on working towards their goals
  • Students who prepare themselves for Olympiad participation have the will to come out of their comfort zone and grow the desire to master subjects
  • Olympiad preparation promotes brainstorming abilities

How to participate in Olympiad tests?

Here are the steps to follow to participate in Olympiad examinations:

Step 1

At first, check if your school is registered for conducting or facilitating Olympiad for their students. Your school will guide you through the following processes and give you all the information needed for preparation and participation.

Step 2

If your school doesn’t facilitate and direct you to sit for an Olympiad exam, you need to select the foundation through which you wish to give the examination. These would be either at a national or an international level.

Step 3

Fill out forms for the examinations you wish to prepare for and submit them to the authorities.

Step 4

The foundation will guide you through the process, which will depend upon their policies and functionalities. It will differ from one organization to another.

Benefits of having Olympiads as a habit

Check out some reasons why students should indulge in giving Olympiad examinations to make their future brighter and enhance excellence:

Concept clearing

The questions that students need to solve during their Olympiad examinations are application-driven. Thus, these are not just about knowledge of concepts but understanding the application of those concepts.

To solve Olympiad-level questions, students need to understand the application of concepts. They cannot crack through by simply mugging up answers. Qualified tutors who have themselves cracked Olympiads can help students enhance their thinking abilities. Thus, parents must help their children to search a tutoronline who can share their expertise in this arena.

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Early exposure to competition

Due to the large population of India, the competition level is extremely high in every sector. For a person, competitiveness starts right from school and then moves towards a career and other aspirations.

To help children take competition in good spirit and focus on excellence, the Olympiad examinations help. It keeps students always on their toes and gives them the confidence to keep trying.

Students can sharpen their skills as they have to tackle several problems, which they are unlikely to encounter during regular school classes. Thus, Olympiads are set apart and have a higher ability to achieve more in the long run.

Builds profile

Students who excel at Olympiad examinations receive medals, awards, certificates and gifts. These forms of recognition are crucial for their academic profile. These increase their chances of getting into top universities in the world.

Moreover, Olympiad participation makes one represent their country or state because these are either at a national or international level. Thus, the rewards offer satisfaction and make children want to stick to their goals.

Final thoughts

Olympiad examinations identify brilliant young minds. It pushes students to bring out their best. The main objective is to provide a competitive platform to create a talent pool for future engineers, astronauts, mathematicians, or, simply put – game-changers. Thus, parents must find qualified online tutors who can further nurture their child’s potential.

What’s the Best Thing About Psychiatry As a Career

What’s the Best Thing About Psychiatry As a Career

A small statistic to begin with; globally 264 million people suffer from depression, anxiety attacks, panic disorders and chronic mental health issues. These include corporate executives, entrepreneurs, sports and film stars, children, women ; in short every segment of a population that you can think of. Dealing with these needs constant psychiatric supervision and a long term treatment. As we are running a rat race everyday, the competition, peer pressure, financial insecurities, health issues and family problems are killing us mentally. It’s only when people commit suicide or do something nasty, that others start noticing that there are issues that needs fixing. In this context, let us understand why psychiatrists play the most crucial role in helping people survive a bit more.

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What Does a Psychiatrist Do?

Psychiatrists work with neurological issues but unlike professional neurologists, they don’t treat structural disorders like epilepsy, strokes etc. Mainly a psychiatrist work on issues like depression, anxiety and phobias by therapy sessions which may go on for months. When the counselling doesn’t work, only then you need to prescribe medicines.

Treatment Process

Unlike other fields of medicine, Psychiatry does not have any tested format that will cure the disease. The treatments are always on the basis of the recovery level of the patients and their response to the sessions. Those who suffer from acute depression and phobia are provided with a mix of medications and therapy depending on the situation. Psychiatrists need to be very good observers and understand human psychology well. Patients who have traumatic past like domestic abuse, rape victims,  and custodial torture keep on remembering those terrible events and break down emotionally unable to concentrate in their work. They are given medicines, injections and electroconvulsive therapies to get over the situation.   

Life, Salary and Growth   

Psychiatrists have a tough life due to the tremendous mental stress they have to bear on a daily basis. Dealing with victims who have been mentally and physically violated, creates a negative emotion and trying to fix these broken people needs a lot of courage. You can work in private and public hospitals, health centers, polyclinics, research institutions and various other areas. Established Psychiatrists start their own chamber and treat patients. In India, the starting salary of  a Psychiatrist is anywhere between Rs 20,000- 25,000 per month and it will increase as you grow in experience.  

Most of the days you will have to listen to various problems and traumatic incidents that have affected your patients life. The session durations are generally 1-1.5 hours in the beginning after which it increases or decreases depending on the reaction of your patient. As a Psychiatrist, you should have great listening skills and communication. The ability to think like your patient is vital here. Unlike normal medical professionals, you might not have a weekend, as meeting patients personally and in off hours is also a part of your job. 

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Where Can You Study?

The best medical colleges in India, like AIIMS and AFMC do offer the 5.5 year full time MBBS course after which you can do a post graduation in the subject. To get a graduation degree, clearing NEET is mandatory and you must have Biology at the plus 2 level. In the course, you will learn human physiology as well as all the detailed elements that create mental disorders, childhood trauma, epidemiology and other subjects. Considering the taboo related to mental health, most students avoid these courses which has led to a massive demand of these professionals. Those who are well known Psychiatrists, earn around Rs 12lakhs to Rs 15lakhs per annum while in the USA it is between $150,000 – $300,000 per annum. As people are becoming more aware of mental health and are searching for expert Psychiatrists, your career will be flying high from day one.

Start Your Preparations with MyFavTutor

Psychiatry as a career has great potential and is financially rewarding. However, clearing entrance exams like NEET is quite tough and needs a strategic well planned approach. In MyFavTutor, you will get expert tutors who will guide you in pursuing this course. In case you are already a Psychiatrist, you can sign up now and teach aspiring candidates. Being one of the largest tutoring platforms in India, MyFavTutor caters to the needs of all kinds of students with its vast database of courses. Start your search today and get trained by the best minds all over India.

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Follow These Tips as Your School Exams are Approaching Nearer

Exam Preparation

As India is slowly going in for a systematic unlock process, students are busy preparing for exams. Schools are taking some project based tests or focusing on MCQ instead of long form descriptive answers. As the tests are conducted online, students are trying to get used to this new format. The experimental pattern of classroom exams have created confusion in the minds of most students. This is because unlike the west, the education system here is quite rigid and follows a traditional approach. Hence, one positive effect of this pandemic has definitely been that it has shaken up the old school format, which was much needed.

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So, how should Students Prepare?

Students need to clear their ideas on subjects that require analytical approach i.e Science, Mathematics, Computer and Geography to name a few. Then they must go for short time quizzes and tests on the online platforms. Questions like True/False, Assumption/Reasoning and MCQ need to be practised in 10/15 minute slots.

Pick up a subject and answer 10 questions in 10 minutes and then check your scores. This should be the new way of preparing and MyFavTutor has a list of such short mock exams that you can easily pick up. These will help them to focus on the specifics and solve real life problems.

Project based academic curriculum is going to be the future and as a developing nation children need to be made aware of multidisciplinary courses that will help them learn things in a more comprehensive manner.

What are the Tutors saying?

A reputed school in Kolkata recently conducted a test on the myths surrounding Coronavirus to check whether the students are aware of it. Questions were asked on whether the virus spreads from newspaper, notes, food, how many hours it can survive and surprisingly most students could fare well in the exam, giving a clear indication that they are quite updated. Another faculty of Geography of an ICSE school asked students to solve multiple choice questions on the capitals and famous spots in the north eastern states. It was an online open book exam but the motto was that even if they are searching the book for answers, they still will have to read the chapters to find out.

The idea behind these online and open book tests is to increase the capability of a student to find out and explore new ideas and concepts themselves. Most developed nations have been following this pattern for a long time which gives rise to innovation and a clear ability to think beyond numbers and theories. With the government about to bring a sea change in its education policy with NEP 2020, online tutoring, tests and classes are finding a popular place even for students in the rural areas.

Can the changes be Implemented in the Long Term?

Depending on the performance of the students, their parents and the tutors the exam pattern can see some modest changes in the next few years. Students need to be habituated with the new process by sitting for practice tests. You can practice with large number of GK, current affairs and logical reasoning tests that will help you improve your aptitude skills. As the learning system is changing, students will have lesser syllabus to complete with more critical assignments. With time, the school system needs to get used to the new model. Infact institutions with greater autonomy can set an example in this regard by conducting full length exams in the online mode with questions that will assess the quality of the students in terms of critical thinking. Hopefully the positive changes can be continued in the long term and will be encouraged through academic collaboration.

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Empowering Education through AI: One Step at a Time

Empowering Education through AI One Step at a Time

Artificial Intelligence is empowering human lives on a daily basis. As companies and products become more automated, the impact of AI is being felt at every stage of the transformation process. Education, Healthcare, Financial services, news consumption and many more fields have been able to improve its operational efficiency and outreach through these advanced mechanisms. In the Covid era, one industry that has been badly hit is the education sector. As per UN reports, 1.37 billion students were impacted by the lockdown measures and the fear is that a lot of them may never come back to finish their courses. Here we will discuss some recent AI developments that will help kids in their learning process and make education way more accessible.

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Data Annotation

Data annotation is the process of putting in metadata to the dataset. It is almost like tags, which can be added to text, images and video. These annotated data helps in building cleaner machine learning models with better audio-visual contents.

Types of annotation


Natural Language Processing (NLP), an important segment of machine learning, improves its accuracy with upgraded text annotation. When you open websites today, your customer care is taken over by chatbots and virtual assistants. That is AI at your service directly! There are five major types of text annotations which include entity annotation, entity linking, text classification, sentiment annotation and linguistic annotation. These help in making the learning texts error free, analytical and provide a more comprehensive guide to students.


Here the main idea is to work on improving the speech, so that it is machine ready and becomes easier for users to say something and get quick answers correctly. This is also a part of the Natural Language processing and helps in better human to machine communication. Pronunciation, voice modulation and tone identification are the crucial part of this process. With greater technology, speech and transcriptions are becoming clearer, precise and accurate which will help kids in a great way. Specially for visually impaired kids, it is the only method they can study with and with time audio annotations are growing in simplifying the learning process.


Face recognition technology is almost like a surveillance tool in the modern world. Your mobile, laptop and office entries are often done by facial recognition, for which machines need to be able to interpret images correctly. Although controversial in nature, image annotations are helping AI/ML to have a robotic vision which can understand objects and images better.


Video annotations help machines recognize movements. As the name suggests, video consumption and uploads have been a prime factor in the fueling of online education. Not only learning, cooking, music, games, magic everything is visible today on YouTube and other social media platforms. With better suggestions, tags and alt tags, students are provided with similar kinds of video contents which are now being made with better graphics, design and content.

Education After Pandemic

The impact of COVID-19 has helped the growth of online learning. After the initial hiccups, tutors and students both have adjusted to this new situation. Learning apps have been trying to incorporate the real world feel, AI is playing the most important role here by improving the video lectures, audio, attractive graphics and automated answering by bots. As studies suggest, around 25-30% of students are taking online classes, which is expected to increase in the upcoming years. The number of AI/ML/Robotics/NLP companies are on the rise and by 2025, the global market is poised to touch $319.167 billion. In these situations, the market demands advancements in the learning portals so that students find it a bit comfortable in doing these classes.

Learn With MyFavTutor

While on one end, data annotations are uplifting the content quality, it is the quality tutors who play the main role in conducting the online classes. They explain the subjects in an easier way and make the learning process more fun. MyFavTutor, an online education portal is connecting students and tutors all over India. With a large database of tutors in Science, Arts, Engineering, Commerce and many other subjects, MyFavTutor will give you the option to choose from a wide range of tutors. Even the latest courses like AI, ML, Robotics, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, you can find experienced faculties who would set you up for the best careers ahead. They also have a lot of online mock tests that will get you ready for competitive exams. Choose your preferred tutor today on MyFavTutor and start your lessons at the earliest.

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Career in Actuarial Science: For the Razor Sharp Ones

Career in Actuarial Science For the Razor Sharp Ones

Actuarial Science is a discipline that assesses the risks in the financial and insurance sectors by mathematical and statistical models. It is an interdisciplinary study that involves mathematics, statistics, economics, finance and computer science. The focus of this course is to predict the future ups and downs in the market and minimize the risk of the investors. Fundamentally it revolves around mortality analysis, production of life variables and compound interest.

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What Is Your Job Role?

Actuaries have to prepare the insurance schemes and frame it in a way that the premium collection should lead to sufficient profitability within a 3-6 month period. New product launches in the finance and insurance sector depends on the actuarial analysis. As an analyst, you would have to talk and meet with the senior stakeholders and frame policies that benefit the company in the long term. Also, you need to work with a lot of data for simulation exercises and use multiple trial and error methods to figure out highly accurate models that can convert to business growth.

Skills Required

The most important skill you need as an actuary is a very strong grip in mathematics, statistics and calculus. You need to implement these concepts into creating the models. Analytical ability is an obvious requirement as most of your time you would be solving problems. Things like MS Excel and SPSS/R software should be known to you as its functions will be the guiding force in working in this sector. Along with these, a very good communication and programming skill is necessary. Today, most companies will be using Python and you need to have thorough knowledge with it.


The Institute of Actuaries of India, provides the degree for Actuarial Science and is one of the toughest exams all over the country. Apart from that there are multiple universities like Christ University (Bangalore), NMIMS and Pune University which provides the MSc degrees in actuarial science. To get there, you need to have a graduate degree with either mathematics, statistics, finance, economics, computer science or engineering. This is because your proficiency in mathematics will be a deciding factor in being able to complete the course and working for big corporates later on.

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The actuarial science curriculum will start with the core technical papers in part 1. These will include financial mathematics, statistical methods, probability, models, financial economics and financial reporting. The focus here is broadly to develop your ability on using the mathematical approach in real world problems along with financial awareness.

Once you clear the first part, there are three core application papers in part 2 which includes actuarial risk management, model documentation analysis and communication. The last 2 papers would have a practical examination, testing your ability to document larger data sets and build a sustainable model from there.

Part 3 of the exam will allow you to choose your specialization and give a technical paper on that. Options will include healthcare, life insurance, pension, finance, general insurance, enterprise risk management etc. In the final segment, part 4, you have to choose 1 subject for the specialist application module.

Once you successfully pass in all the 9 CT and 3 CA papers, you will be an associate member of the institute and be able to practice anywhere in India.


Actuaries can start their career at around Rs 15-20 lakhs per annum and those who are experienced for 5-10 years the range can go up to 50-70 lakhs as reputed insurance companies will hire you. Moreover consultancy firms like Mckinsey, BCG also hire actuaries in multiple roles. Outside India, the average salaries of actuary range from $100,000 to $250,000 and is one of the highest paid professions across the world. As the demand supply gap is huge, newly recruited actuaries are also given a very high payout owing to the critical nature of the job. With very few students actually opting, getting a good salary is quite normal in this profession.

Final Words

Actuarial science has a great future and is one of those professions which are not very popular even today. Unlike IT and finance where the market is almost stagnant with millions of students passing out every year, there are only 8700 actuaries out of which 375 are fully qualified. This gives you an idea how hard it is to become one. This is only for those exceptional students who are prodigies in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics, can take up the course.

To grow your knowledge and expertise in these subjects, connect with the best faculties at MyFavTutor, an online learning portal providing guidance to students all over India. Also, in case you are a tutor who has thorough knowledge about the course, do join our network and start earning by teaching aspiring students.

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Become a Linguist and Make Yourself Indispensable

Become a Linguist and Make Yourself Indispensable

Linguistics is a diversified field. A student with a degree in linguistics has many career options and hence can do a lot of things. When one studies the subject, it helps the person to work on his own skills and bring about an all round development. The word linguistic is a world in itself. It is just not about the language which many of us might think. It is a long term assessment of the language that we have learnt.

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How Can a Degree in Linguistic Help?

A linguist is an expert programmer of language. Based on specialization, a linguist can be anything between a research experts to a marketing analyst. The major specialities are computational linguistics and applied linguistics. Many times it is even overwhelming to know what a language can do. A linguist can help in framing government regulations and assist the state in keeping public interest. Even in the entertainment industry there is always a requirement of dialect coaches. Additionally, linguists also have a role to play in criminal investigation whenever there is a requirement of voice identification. Thus there is an unending role of a linguist in our everyday life.

Eligibility Criteria

To become a linguist, one should have English and Mathematics at the 10+2 level and must score more than 50% marks to be eligible for admission. You can get B.A in linguistics, M.A and Ph.D also in multiple branches of the course. The top universities of linguistics in India includes Jawaharlal Nehru University , Aligarh Muslim University, Benaras Hindu University  and Calcutta University.  You can also get online professional certifications and become a professional linguist.

Key Skills

One must be proficient in writing and speaking the language that has been taken up. Native-level fluency is undoubtedly an added advantage. An enhanced level of speaking, writing and listening skill is a priority. One must have a profound knowledge about the different tools and techniques implemented while processing the original languages.

Career Options of a Linguist

Some important career options for a linguist includes:

  • Translator
  • Speech therapist
  • Accent coach
  • Audiologist
  • Lexicographer
  • Foreign language teacher
  • Linguistic professor


When one has an unending amount of career options, it is quite likely that the income will not be fixed. A linguist has a privilege to generate more income based on the specialities. However for a salaried employee in India, the average income is about Rs 22000/-.per month.  Talking about international countries, for a salaried linguistic employee the income ranges anywhere between $57k to $118k per annum based on his experiences.

If you are looking for an expert linguistic teacher, MyFavTutor will be a good option. It helps you in getting well-trained and genuine tutor who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject. Choose your preferred tutor on the portal for expert guidance and enhance your career scope.  And if you are an expert linguistic tutor looking to grow your student connections then quickly sign up with MyFavTutor and help the students with your expertise while earning both money and respect.

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Future of Online Education in India

Future of Online Education in India

The growth of online education has been increasing in the last few months owing to the dual effect of the pandemic as well as greater use of Smartphones and internet. Schools and colleges which were shut down, decided to use the tech route to reach out to students and finish their syllabus. Apps like Zoom and Skype, saw massive downloads among the students. Now that it’s been over 6 months, we need to ask some questions regarding the future of the education sector. Is the shift to online short term? Are students feeling comfortable? Here, we will talk about some important reasons why online learning is growing so fast and whether it can sustain in the future.

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Why The Sudden Shift?

While many people blindly believe that it’s because of the coronavirus that people are shifting to the online mode, the reality is slightly different. Edtech as a sector, was growing heavily even before the virus struck. With billion dollar valuations that are creating more unicorns in India, we saw a dramatic rise in online courses in data science, cybersecurity, communication, law and mostly professionals were taking these courses. With time, school students and tutors got comfortable with digital classrooms and that led to improved online course materials. Let us discuss some vital points that contributed to the growth of online learning and analyse each one of them.


Online education provides a more equitable platform to students from all economic backgrounds. Tutors of different experience levels charge different amounts that provide a better choice for the students. While an experienced tutor can charge Rs 2000/hour a newcomer can teach you at 10% of the amount. This allows students of socially disadvantaged backgrounds to get better access to education. 


The availability of a large pool of tutors allows students to get their queries resolved quickly. In the traditional format, a student had to wait for the next class to clear a doubt wasting 3-4 days of his precious time, while now there are instant solutions. Be it mock tests, descriptive, MCQ or a theoretical explanation, tutors and student forums are active to provide a quick solution to the problem. 


Millions of tutors are enrolling themselves as tutors in multiple learning portals. Be it MyFavTutor, or any other website, the exponential rise of tutor registration is an indication that the  youth today takes teaching seriously, as a long term career. By 2021, it is expected that 10 million tutors are going to sign up to share their valuable knowledge, while earning a good amount every month.

Government Initiative

The Government of India, has launched several schemes that promote digital learning in a big way. In fact the Digital India program along with Swayam have given a great opportunity for students, professionals and learners to register in academic or vocational courses and upskill themselves. With the kind of promotions it has made, the future of education in India is surely going to be digital.

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India is expected to add 180 million Smartphone users by 2021. With an existing user base of more than 500 million, mobile screens are becoming the new classrooms for students.  As the population of India is relatively young, with a median age of around 26, most of them are tech savvy and open to experimentation. During the lockdown period students and tutors, both became comfortable in learning via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom and several other apps. With easy document transfer, screen sharing system, good sound, graphics, audio-visual effect the learning experiences have changed and after the initial hiccups, students and tutors have adjusted well.


Cheap internet in India is fueling online learning and video consumption. In the last 4-5 years,, most tutors and coaching academies were uploading 1.5-2 hour lectures on YouTube which was garnering a lot of views. Apart from this, schools and colleges created their own channels and web portals to provide updates of exams, syllabus, dates, eligibility, instructions and conference lectures. This made students enjoy the best educational content not only in India but also from outside. With an average price of Rs4 per GB of data, the internet is growing faster and by 2021, 735 million users are expected to use it. Well, that’s twice the population of the US!


A young population is the biggest asset of India. With around 600 million people in India, under 25 years of age, online education is going to thrive here without a doubt. This is simply because people want to see new things and try out different methods. Traditional classrooms have bored a lot of them and with the push for online classes, the future is quite bright. Even though there are issues like connectivity, urban rural divide, challenges in doing assignments and homework, the state and central governments push for a better and upgraded learning environment will manage these problems in times to come. 


The income level of India is rising and as more people are uplifted from poverty, the spending is bound to increase. Even in Rural India, the economy is improving and most of the population are more than willing to do and learn things online. India already earns 30% higher than it was five years back and as more families shift to the cities and join the workforce, more money is going to flow in. With this, the online education sector is going to bloom faster than expected. 

Most of the money is being spent in reskilling, test preparation and vocational courses. As the exams are getting harder every year, more detailed preparations are necessary. Professionals are learning IT skills that are providing them employment benefits including salary hike and promotions. Also, a lot of vocational courses like music and painting are being learnt online. People are also pursuing their hobbies like cooking through online channels. In short, the market is buzzing with millions of enrollments, course materials and video lectures.

What Could Be The Future of Online Education?


Quizzes, puzzles, scholarships, competition are a part of modern day learning. These activities help students to stay motivated and give their best performance. Tutors are using various incentive based learning schemes to get better responses from students. Like for example if you score x in this exam, you will get a gamepad. Like this, games and winners just like reality shows are being set up to bring even the laziest students on track, because who doesn’t like to win awards and applauses? 


Innovative ideas of teaching along with feature rich softwares will drive the online education market in 2021 and onwards. MyFavTutor already has apps that are allowing tutors to upload demo videos, maintain chat history, payment  through online mode and several other user friendly approaches. With time more audio visual contents need to come up that will make learning more engaging.

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid is the way to go. Simply because not everything can be studied online and hence a mix of physical classrooms and online learning will be the ideal way to go. Science practicals, project works and other important works that need physical presence must be done the conventional way. While on one hand we should have the classrooms, the private tuition could very well continue on the apps. 

As the online learning segment is taking huge strides, MyFavTutor, one of the largest online tutor portals is providing more opportunities to students of a variety of courses, classes and backgrounds. With an increase in online learning, this portal is acting as a catalyst to bring more tutors and students into the ambit of this learning process. As young India prepares to go fully digital, it’s time for all of us to stay connected and make the best use of this positive shift towards online education.

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Why Students Need to Start Networking from an Early Age

Why Students Need to Start Networking from an Early age

Connecting with new people is a joyful experience for many, at least for extroverts. It gives them the scope to know about different viewpoints and engage in conversation with them. In the corporate world, this is known as networking and is considered to be one of the most vital aspects of career growth. 

You meet with colleagues of your rival companies and explain your expertise to them. Within the office also you can grow your connections during the lunch breaks and start searching for better opportunities. The importance of networking is so high that premium Indian and global institutions complete their placements through a massive alumni network. In this blog, we discuss why students need to network from an early age to succeed in life.

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Networking Brings Valuable Information

When you mix with a lot of people, vital pieces of information keep coming to you. It can be a science quiz, contests, scholarship exams or job internships, and you need to bank on vital leads wherever it comes from. Your senior classmates and teachers can help you get employed faster through internal hiring and your friends would not even know about it. The more you open up to people, the more chances they will root for you whenever necessary.

Get the Best Advice

When you connect with professionals, they give you genuine advice on career growth and prospects, salary, qualities required and other details. Instead of rumours floating around the internet and your friend’s circle, these guys will give you the exact info you are looking for. Even if 2 out of 10 people help you, it means a lot in the competitive job market that is today. Compare the advice, search thoroughly on the internet and then go ahead with a decision you were planning to take. This process negates the chance of wrong decision making and provides you ample options to choose from. 

Get Job Offers Through Referrals

College students find it hard to land a job just after they pass out of college. It is mainly due to their lack of experience and a resume that companies don’t find attractive enough. Students who regularly network, be it through social media, or associations or informal set ups are always at an advantage. They get appointments through referrals and these lateral placements can give you the much needed break in the corporate world.

Funding Your Business Ideas 

Many students often come up with outstanding ideas that would do great business. But, due to lack of funding and awareness, they lose out on venture capitalists and angel investors who could have changed their fortune. In this regard, networking is, by far, the best option to convert your dream into reality. If you are looking to build a great app in the second or third year of engineering, who would help you? This is when your seniors who are in start-ups can connect you to the fund houses and you can be the talk of the town. 

While you keep connecting with professionals on LinkedIn, don’t forget to continue your classes. Talking of classes, MyFavTutor has one of the best databases of tutors who will provide you academic guidance in finishing your courses successfully. Grow your connections on one end and keep preparing for your upcoming exams with our mock tests and study materials.

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