Study Tips to Prepare for CBSE MCQ Based Term 1 Exam

There is a recent change that requires conducting pre-final examinations as Term 1 by the CBSE board. It is to help students practice and adapt to current changes.

The board released sample papers to help both teachers and students to understand the pattern of examination. As per the recent update, the marks allocated for Term 1 subjects include:

  • English – 40 marks
  • Mathematics – 40 marks
  • Biology – 35 marks
  • Chemistry – 35 marks
  • Physics – 35 marks

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Tips to Prepare for CBSE Excel MCQ Based Term 1 Examination

The following tips will help you prepare for the CBSETerm 1 test:

1. Make a Study Plan

Create a study plan that helps you cover every important part of your chapters. Make a schedule and devote your time according to the subjects and chapters you need to prepare for Term 1.

Divide the chapters according to importance and difficulty to understand. Follow a set plan for every day and tick off revisions as and when done.

The final revision will take around 10 days. So, set your timings accordingly and make sure your study hours are solid and undistracted.

2. Adhere to the NCERT Syllabus

Once you devise the strategy, arrange concept-based studying and question the practical knowledge of each aspect. MCQ-based answering methods require cleared concepts and not memorizing paragraphs where you can explain an answer. You need to understand what you study to be confident about what you tick.

The tip to follow the NCERT syllabus will help you understand the process of learning for CBSE. It opens up objective-based questions for you. It is best to purchase a book that gives you a complete idea of the NCERT syllabus irrespective of the regular ones in your academic list.

3. Appoint an Online Tutor

Online tutoring is currently one of the best strategies for enhanced teaching and learning. It allows you to prepare remotely and get personal attention from an expert tutor. When you find a tutor online, you will select an experienced teacher who has complete knowledge regarding the CBSE board examination. The tutor will guide you further to excel in your Term 1 exam and help you clear concepts better.

4. Sit for Online Mock Test

A platform like MyFavTutor lets you get a complete experience of what a real examination is like. With its online mock test facility, students can prepare for their Term 1 exam by having a trial run. The experience will help you manage your time, get acquainted with the recent changes by the CBSE board, and test your knowledge. The practice of appearing for mock tests is an important tip that keeps your fears away during the main examination.

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5. Preparing Correctly

CBSE board exams from now on will be held in two parts – Term 1 and Term 2. The first one will include 50% of the syllabus and have 40 marks in an objective form. It is important to understand the division between the first and second examinations to be clear about preparing. Divide the chapters accordingly and revise at every interval to keep the memory fresh.

Final Thoughts

It is best to have an expert to guide you during changes in how a board conducts an exam. The coronavirus pandemic has brought several changes in education format, so guidance is necessary. A qualified tutor from MyFavTutor can be your best guide to prepare for your exams better.

8 Must Have Features of a Learning App

Learning App

In the current year, 2020, technology is playing a vital role across industries. The COVID 19 pandemic has brought out the best in terms of tech applications, paving the way for a long term change in edtech and all other related sectors. As schools, colleges and universities were shut, learning apps saved global education from collapsing further.

In this context, let us discuss some essential features in a learning app, that makes it a popular choice among the student community.

User-friendly functionalities

Learning apps should be highly reliable, user friendly, and able to create a mass appeal. It must be developed in such a way that people from every section of society can be benefited. A simple design and a well-customized interface can solve the purpose. In the end it must bring customer satisfaction to prove to be the best in the market.

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Diversified courses

The homepage plays a vital role in the design of a learning app. It must have a strong user interface. It must convey the idea of the usefulness of the app. Eventually, the student must be able to take a note on the number of courses that can be taken up using the app. Be it a make-up tutorial or an online physics tutorial class, the content of the app must express the same to make it more interesting.

Personal portal

A great learning app maintains a personal portal for every teacher. It is through this portal that the students or parents get to know more about the teachers. The teacher’s ability and experience is well demonstrated in the portal. Also, the portal gives a clear idea about the genuineness of the tutor. 

Dynamic content

Online learning apps is a platform where students expect more engrossing and engaging classes. Hence there must be more creativity in every content. Tutors in MyFavTutor develop their sessions and portal in such a way that you get a glimpse of how interesting their classes would be.

Virtual classes

Owing to the havoc caused by the spread of the COVID 19, the educational apps are more stressing on the functionalities of their virtual classes. More number of tools has been implemented to make the virtual classes more acceptable by the mass students. The learning app must have an option of both offline and online or virtual classes. Learning in a lively environment with many video-based assignments is fun. 

Accessibility in offline mode 

We need to accept the fact that the speed of the internet and its access is not uniform everywhere. Hence the learning tools must be designed to allow the students to carry on their lessons even in an offline mode. Top features such as pre-recorded lectures; video-based content will add a spark to the learning apps. Hence the interest for the app can be kept alive throughout. The programming of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the best choice in this case. 

Well-suited for multiple devices

The user may access the learning tool through single or multiple devices. Also, a student or a tutor might not have a system and would like to operate through his/her mobile device. Thus the learning app is expected to run on multiple devices.

Notifications on progress

Push notification is another useful feature that allows you to get updated about anything new in the services of the app. it also enables you to send or receive messages to the desired user. It includes an update, an advertisement, or any alert to give comprehensive information regarding the recent developmental progress in the app. 

When talking about learning apps how can you miss MyFavTutor? It is India’s fastest growing e-learning platform which has successfully connected several deserving candidates to a number of expert tutors from every field. MyFavTutor has also created a learning app that is empowered with several features and learning tools. These learning tools help to enhance the student-teacher relationship by assisting them to stay connected even in the offline mode. Such excellent features include 24×7 chat facilities with the tutors and provides an option to pay through net banking/Phone pe/ UPI, etc.  So what keeps you waiting in a queue of uncertainty? Choose MyFavTutor and start your classes at the earliest.

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6 Easy Subjects to Score in The UPSC Exam

6 Easy Subjects to Score in The UPSC Exam

As per available data, every year, around eight lakh candidates appear for the preliminary round of the UPSC exam. Out of which merely 1% qualify for the mains. Engineering students dominate this number and get through the exam with flying colors. The interesting part is, most of these tech graduates use liberal arts papers to crack this coveted exam. 

Selection of non-technical subjects can land you on the path to success. The reason being, engineering and science subjects are extremely difficult and owing to the critical questions that comes in UPSC, getting a good number is quite hard. In this blog, we will talk about 6 such non-technical subjects to choose in order to score more in the UPSC exam.


The most popular non-technical subject for UPSC in today’s time is Anthropology. Its narration starts from the tribal issues till the current affairs. It revolves around the spectacular study of human evolution, societies, and its development. Answers are on point and require illustrations through diagrams. Overall the subject is quite interesting and does not involve too much research, making it relatively easy in scoring marks.

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Philosophy is a great optional subject as it can be completed in a comprehensive period of time. You do not need to have prior knowledge to opt for this subject. Interestingly, a comprehensive study of Paper I covers the syllabus of Paper-II. Also, Philosophy brings about an overall development in the personality of the aspirants.


Sociology is a subject based on social issues. Hence one can find plenty of materials on the internet. The subject gives you an in-depth understanding of the Indian social structure. You get the idea of the several social issues responsible that affect different sections of society and how you can play a role in getting rid of them. 


The most interesting of the lot is Geography. It appeals to the students from both Science and Arts backgrounds. It involves the concepts of international relations, environment, current affairs, ecology, and even Economics. The Internet has a lot of information regarding Indian Geography and World Geography. Hence there is no dearth of materials that you get in hand for good preparation.

Public Administration 

If you want to grow as an administrator, then Public Administration is a must for you. This subject, with a limited syllabus, is useful and practical. Surprisingly you can cover the entire syllabus within five months. More importantly, you get the idea about the working of the government since you cover topics like Public Sector Undertakings, Union Government, Financial Administration, etc.


History is a good optional subject for the UPSC exam as this subject was in the main course of the syllabus at the school level. Hence for most of the graduates and undergraduates, history is a known subject. The study is divided into three parts-ancient, medieval and modern history which demands sound preparation and strategic planning. Also, history is interesting and quite scoring and is optional for the IAS aspirants. Eventually, this optional subject leads to an increased rate of success.

To clear UPSC and join the top 3 posts IAS/IPS/IFS and other services you need expert tutors to guide you. MyFavTutor, one of the largest tutor portals in India, has several such experienced tutors in History, geography, Sociology, Science and multiple other areas. . It is your one-stop destination for the most experienced and learned tutors in the country. Guidance from such expert tutors does not only lands you in success but also prepares you for the most promising future.  So, what are you waiting for? Find your preferred tutor today for your UPSC preparations for the year 2021.

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Don’t Forget to Do These 4 Things Before Your UPSC Exam

Don’t Forget to Do These 4 Things Before Your UPSC Exam

UPSC is going to conduct its preliminary exam in about a week’s time. As the D-Day approaches on 4th October, you need to narrow down your preparations to the most important things and follow last minute strategies to do well in the first round. If you are appearing for the first time, then you must be very nervous at this moment. To reduce your tension, we are here to guide you with some time tested last minute strategies that have worked wonders with UPSC aspirants. 

Quick Revision 

The last few days of your UPSC exam should only be about revision. Avoid learning new things at this stage. Whatever you have learned throughout the year, discuss with your friends, clear out any queries, and focus on short but crisp notes. Go through the historical dates, wars, formulas and reactions in science, recent appointments if any and give the last finishing touch in a concrete manner. Work hard in the final days and avoid all forms of distractions. Don’t have to go overboard with anything, if you know a subject you are not comfortable with, leave it and work on the other areas where you are stronger. 

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Online Mock Tests

Online mock tests can give you the necessary advantage in the final result. It gives a clear idea of your preparation level and based on this you need to go for the prelims. If we look at the last 5 years, the prelims cut off for general candidate students has hovered between 98 to 116 (2015-2019), depending on the vacancies and the pattern. So, target 120+ and try to be in the safe zone for the first round.

Isolate Yourself and Study Hard

In the last few days before UPSC, avoid all kinds of distractions and just focus on your study material. Keep reading and re-reading the explanations, theories, equations and many such crucial things. No Netflix, No IPL, no social media, just isolate yourself and keep studying like there is no tomorrow. Sleep well, listen to music for a change and talk to at most 1-2 persons you think are worth it. As 4th October is just about a few days from now, keep yourself away from all kinds of negative thoughts. Avoid friends who discourage or encourage you, as external influences are always counterproductive to achieving your goals. Study hard and clear the coveted exam in a single attempt.

Keep Your Notes 24X7

Keep the notes always by your side, to take a quick glance whenever you forget something. Make handwritten small coded information that explains larger concepts in smaller pieces. When you prepare these, you can even write it in your mother tongue, use symbols, numbers, and anything to help you remember the information quickly. Do not share these with anyone and use it every time you forget something.

Apart from these, get ready with all your documents at least 3 days before the exam. Keep your photograph, admit card and EWS/SC/ST/OBC Certificate in a folder to avoid any mishaps while going for the exam. Know in advance the location of your exam centre and use Google maps whenever necessary. If you want to hire an app cab then do an early booking or use your private transport as much as possible to reduce your risk of getting infected by Coronavirus.

UPSC prelims this year has already been deferred due to Corona and as the unlock period is on, slowly more exams will be conducted from October onwards. If you are a new aspirant looking to make it big in your life, then get expert faculties from MyFavTutor, a website that is helping millions of students and tutors realise their dreams. Choose your UPSC subjects and start your lessons at the earliest if you are a 2021 batch student. Give mock exams on our portal and develop your strength in acing through these exams.

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Online Test Series – Start Self Assessment for Your Next Exam

Online Test Series - Start Self Assessment for Your Next Exam

Cracking a competitive exam today needs serious practice and a well-planned preparation. The enhanced level of difficulty in most of these exams have forced aspirants to buy online test packages and start self-assessment from an early stage. The market for such mock tests are growing as these exam portals help students by providing real-time assessments, including marks, analytics and rank. The student knows where they stand among such a massive crowd of aspirants.

Why Are Online Mock Exams Important?

Quick Results

Online mock exams provide instant results which is the best thing ever. During offline exams, checking the OMR sheets and giving it back to students took at least 3-4 days, or a week and you had to wait till then. Thanks to these online exams, today results come in a few minutes and that too with detailed analysis.


Getting a rank after the examination builds your confidence level and gives you a rough idea of your standing in the competition. Around 3,000-4,000 students take these exams on an average and if you can consistently hold your rank within the top 200 or 500, know for sure that you have a strong chance.

Strong and Weak Chapters

Based on your performance, your online exams will tell you the chapters that you are strong enough to score and the weaker ones where you need to work on. This is a significant thing as it pinpoints the student and specifies the issues that need to be tackled instantly. Instead of vague analysis, these assessments pave the way for a more thorough and strategic studying pattern through an outcome-based approach.

Accuracy and Attempts

Due to the negative marks in competitive exams, accuracy remains one of the most vital parameters. If you are taking risks and attempting too many questions with lesser accuracy, you go behind ranks and eventually move out of the competition. Today, reasonable attempts with high accuracy is what is essential to crack any exam. Online mock exams will show you instantly the number of attempts, correct and wrong answers, accuracy percentage and total marks and percentile. This incredible detailing makes these exams so handy during the last few months of your competitive exams.

Varying Question Patterns

The level and variety of questions in these online mock tests is mind-boggling. If you start with an easy set in Mock 1, but the time you reach Mock 10, the level will increase to an extent where even the top tier examination will look meek in front of it. Not only in the level of difficulty, but the varieties of questions coming in these papers will make you revise your chapters again. The more you solve these application based questions and practice the harder ones, cracking the competitive exams will be even easier.

To succeed in online exams, it is crucial to give 2-3 mock tests every week and keep assessing the ranks/scores to check whether there is sufficient progress. These online mock test packages provide you with more than 50-100 mocks that you can give over 3-6 months. Another vital factor today is that most competitive exams be it IIT/NEET/IBPS/SSC are taken online. As the government pushes more for a Digital India , it is expected that more such exams will be taken online in future. Hence, you must be familiar with this format as managing time becomes a big issue. 

How MyFavTutor’s New Test Series is a Game Changer?

MyFavTutor, one of India’s largest tutoring portals, is partnering with Edugorilla to help students get access to a huge number of mock tests. Be it government exams like UPSC, SSC, Railway, IBPS or entrances like IIT/NEET/CLAT, this platform will provide you with monthly, quarterly and yearly packages to continue your practice sessions, as long as you want. Furthermore, if you are using the code of your selected tutor registered on MyFavTutor, then you will be getting these test series for a 30% – 60% discount. The idea is to help students get enough mock tests to improve their efficiency and get good ranks in the examinations.

Even for tutors, this is a fantastic opportunity to increase their outreach. Help your students gain access to the online mock exams through your unique code and be a part of their success story. It will financially benefit you because the website will pay you incentives every time a student registers for these online mock tests and buy a test with your unique discount code. MyFavTutor helps both the students and tutors benefit from this test series to perform well in the upcoming examinations. 

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