Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stream After Class 10

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A familiar doubt in the minds of students studying in standard 9 or 10 is choosing a stream after passing their first boards. A student’s education during these two years can help determine what they should choose going forward.

Choosing the wrong subject can make them lose one year of their educational race. It is worse for students who stick to a wrong stream, hoping to excel later but keep failing every time.

To avoid such circumstances, it is crucial to consider a few factors before making this life-changing decision.

How to select commerce, arts or science stream after class 10?

Here are some factors that can help a student get the right direction to choose what to pursue:

1.    Evaluating strengths and weaknesses

By the time a student is studying in standard 9 and 10, they are familiar with most subjects that they can pursue in the future. They learn three different science streams specified as Chemistry, Physics and Biology. They also study History, Geography, and languages. These streams can help a student choose between science and arts depending on their interests.

Commerce is generally not introduced before choosing it as a stream in class 11. However, some schools introduce commerce after class 8 and ask students to choose between science and commerce. In such a case, their board examination includes commerce subjects for their 10th board examinations as well.

It is necessary to evaluate the interests followed by the strength and weaknesses students find for individual subjects. For example, if you prefer your first and second language education, you might prefer choosing arts as your background. If you are keener on scientific experiments and discoveries, you must choose science as your stream.

2.    Consider long-term goals

When we are young, we have a dream to achieve after completing our education. Students preparing for boards must have targeted professions they wish to pursue.

For example, if you want to become a chartered accountant, you cannot choose science as your stream after class 10. You will have to choose commerce and complete higher degrees to be a qualified CA. Similarly, if your dream is to become a dentist, you will have to choose science as your stream and master dentistry during graduation.

When considering long-term goals, it is necessary to keep your strengths and weaknesses in mind. We often wish to pursue a stream that is not ideal for us as we lack the understanding of a subject. In such a scenario, students must have alternatives and plan their career goals accordingly.

3.    Don’t follow other’s aspirations

Class 9 and 10 are sensitive years of education as students can be easily influenced. You might look up to your elder siblings, cousins, and friends. However, letting their decisions impact yours can leave an adverse impact.

It would help if you considered things you like to do and took motivation from the rest. Your stream must match your potential, ability, and, most importantly, your interest.

4.    Asking for expert suggestions

An online tutor can be an ideal person you rely on to understand which stream you must choose. The individual teaches you by offering personalized attention and knows your strengths and weaknesses.

While you require a tutor for exam preparation before appearing for boards, you also need their evaluation regarding this. You must discuss the suggestions given by the tutor with your guardians and select the perfect stream for your career.

Final thoughts

It is time to find a tutor online to procure their expertise and knowledge and improve your understanding of various subjects. Your tutor is your best guide as they know your abilities while exploring them in your educational journey.

How to Make Science Easier for Students Through Online Tutoring?

Science can be one of the toughest subjects to learn if concepts are not clear. As a student goes into high school, they have to study three different segregations of science – chemistry, physics and biology. Their education at a school level determines their credibility to take up a specific stream in college. So, all students must master science subjects to fulfil their future aspirations.

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Why Your Child Needs Online Science Tuition?

An online tutor for science can make the process of learning and understanding clearer for the student. Let us find out why you should enrol your child for online science tuition:

1. Personalized Attention

Once you find a science tutor, you will help your child get personalized attention during the learning sessions. Individual attention helps a child concentrate better as the teacher only focuses on one student and enhances their understanding. One-to-one communication makes it easier for the student to grasp what they learn and also quickly resolve queries.

2. Visual Representation

Since we have upgraded from blackboard classes, it allows tutors to use internet technology at its best. Tutors can use demonstrations taking data from the internet to explain concepts better. These do not limit to textbooks and help tutors provide graphical representation for better understanding. Such data help students understand scientific theories easily and quickly.

3. Using Online Tools to Teach Better

Some virtual tools to use during online classes include:

  • Whiteboards
  • Text editors
  • Virtual games
  • Pointers
  • Drawing tools
  • Screen-sharing tools
  • Breakout rooms
  • File editors

Such tools aid the learning process to make subjects easier to understand for every student. Initially, the tutor needs to explain the purpose of using such tools. Slowly, as the student learns to utilize them, it will help the coaching process.

4. Helps Tutors Understand Strengths

A face-to-face classroom creates an intimate space between the tutor and student. It helps the tutor understand the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Online education helps a tutor to easily engage and understand the aspects that the child finds difficulty in. They can assertively take measures to resolve the weaknesses and encourage the strengths.

A science student likely prefers one science subject over another. An online tutor can understand this during the process of teaching. For example, if a student prefers physics over chemistry, he/she probably needs more time learning chemistry. Such preference helps the tutor understand their strengths and find ways to make the other subjects interesting.

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5. Tracking Progress

To understand how well a student is learning the subject, tutors can take frequent mock tests. These tests will reveal how well students have prepared and keep them ready for their main examinations.

Students need to understand different diagrams, formulas, and theories to understand science subjects. Tutors that encourage frequent mock tests will help the students constantly check their understanding level. Once tutors understand where students are going wrong, they will take the right measures to clarify those concepts better.

Final Thoughts

A science tutor can change the way your child takes an interest in science subjects. To make science easy to understand and fun to learn, appoint an online science tutor today. To find a qualified tutor for your child, check out MyFavTutor. It is a one-stop destination for students to find qualified tutors across multiple subjects and learn from home.

Benefits of Olympiads for Building Brilliant Minds

Olympiads are competitive examinations that students can participate at national and international levels. The subjects are primarily science-based and including chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, computer science, and more.

Students are tested in their logical perspectives and scientific reasoning through these examinations. Students who score well get certified, win awards and medals. Such recognition helps them build their career and opens opportunities for scholarships to study at reputed universities.

Why is participation and preparation for Olympiads essential?

Olympiads offer an early-age exposure to students towards the competitive world. The examinations prepare the students to develop advanced thinking abilities. It shapes their concept-building techniques and increases self-confidence to be at the top of their game constantly.

These examinations help students build problem-solving skills and increase analytical thinking. Thus, students aspiring to become Olympiads must search for private tutors for preparation. Their expertise will help them crack the most difficult tests and come out with flying colours.

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What to expect from participating in Olympiad examinations?

Here are some factors that explain why Olympiads are important for students:

  • Olympiad gives the student a platform to exhibit their talent and skills in the subjects they are the strongest
  • The exam helps them prepare well to gain in-depth knowledge about different subjects
  • The constant practice of studying and appearing for online mock tests keeps their mind sharp and helps grow aptitude
  • Students get constant exposure to competition that helps them prepare for the future
  • The exams are targets that the students can set for themselves and constantly focus on working towards their goals
  • Students who prepare themselves for Olympiad participation have the will to come out of their comfort zone and grow the desire to master subjects
  • Olympiad preparation promotes brainstorming abilities

How to participate in Olympiad tests?

Here are the steps to follow to participate in Olympiad examinations:

Step 1

At first, check if your school is registered for conducting or facilitating Olympiad for their students. Your school will guide you through the following processes and give you all the information needed for preparation and participation.

Step 2

If your school doesn’t facilitate and direct you to sit for an Olympiad exam, you need to select the foundation through which you wish to give the examination. These would be either at a national or an international level.

Step 3

Fill out forms for the examinations you wish to prepare for and submit them to the authorities.

Step 4

The foundation will guide you through the process, which will depend upon their policies and functionalities. It will differ from one organization to another.

Benefits of having Olympiads as a habit

Check out some reasons why students should indulge in giving Olympiad examinations to make their future brighter and enhance excellence:

Concept clearing

The questions that students need to solve during their Olympiad examinations are application-driven. Thus, these are not just about knowledge of concepts but understanding the application of those concepts.

To solve Olympiad-level questions, students need to understand the application of concepts. They cannot crack through by simply mugging up answers. Qualified tutors who have themselves cracked Olympiads can help students enhance their thinking abilities. Thus, parents must help their children to search a tutoronline who can share their expertise in this arena.

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Early exposure to competition

Due to the large population of India, the competition level is extremely high in every sector. For a person, competitiveness starts right from school and then moves towards a career and other aspirations.

To help children take competition in good spirit and focus on excellence, the Olympiad examinations help. It keeps students always on their toes and gives them the confidence to keep trying.

Students can sharpen their skills as they have to tackle several problems, which they are unlikely to encounter during regular school classes. Thus, Olympiads are set apart and have a higher ability to achieve more in the long run.

Builds profile

Students who excel at Olympiad examinations receive medals, awards, certificates and gifts. These forms of recognition are crucial for their academic profile. These increase their chances of getting into top universities in the world.

Moreover, Olympiad participation makes one represent their country or state because these are either at a national or international level. Thus, the rewards offer satisfaction and make children want to stick to their goals.

Final thoughts

Olympiad examinations identify brilliant young minds. It pushes students to bring out their best. The main objective is to provide a competitive platform to create a talent pool for future engineers, astronauts, mathematicians, or, simply put – game-changers. Thus, parents must find qualified online tutors who can further nurture their child’s potential.

How to make Your Online English Tuition Class Amazing for Your Students

When schools were restricted from conducting their regular classes, online classes came as a savior. Connecting students through video conferencing cannot always be a cakewalk. It takes a lot of effort for teachers to keep their students engaged.

Online classes need the teachers to use numerous skill-sets in comparison to regular classes. It’ll be challenging if students are less motivated and interested in your teaching. What’s the solution?

Well, every teacher has to think something out of the box. How to make an online English tuition class more interesting? Fortunately, there are so many ideas that can increase engagement in an online class. Let’s see what we have for you on the list.

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Use of Technology to Make It Interesting

Online tutoring can put a bunch of tools at your fingertip. You can take advantage of such in making your class more engaging. No matter what tools, including virtual games, file editor, or screen sharing tools you use, you get a chance to use technology that adds variation to your lesson. It is crucial to be aware of the tool and its use before directly diving into it. The use of fun rewards can help the student to be encouraged and pay attention to your class.

An Interactive Class

Avoid assigning time for learning a text alone, especially in an English class. It can be challenging to read lengthy text on screen, and silence makes the class way boring. Especially if it’s an English class, Plan an activity that can keep students talking, clicking, or typing throughout the class. As an online teacher, you can ask questions through English word games and make sure the learner is engaged in it all the time.

Making the Lesson Digestible

It is very crucial to consider time while taking an online English class. You will need to break the lessons to keep information more digestible and understandable by students. While taking an online class, you need to clear up all the slides with too many exaggerated texts. Another easiest way to plan a lesson for an online class is through a free lesson planner that makes your lesson planning easier.

Motivate Your Students

We all know how many person-to-person classes at school make it more physical and interactive, while an online class can make the student experience isolated. This has become one of the major issues that make them feel demotivated.

Make your students feel valued in the classroom. Learn their names, follow them up for every lesson & conduct quizzes in a friendly manner. Regular feedback might prove to be magical to motivate children to attend the class.

Patience Is the Key

As an online teacher, your patience determines everything. Remember that not all students have a high attention span. Make sure you give breaks to your student and show patience while dealing with them. The matter becomes worse when students easily pick up your mood. Your patience can make a huge difference

Help Your Students Stick to Their Goals

One of the best ways to keep your class interesting for a student is to help students stay on track and set their goals. A short-term goal can be the best way to make sure your student is dedicated to it and work hard for it. Your positive feedback, points, and fun learning activities can fit best for your classes to let them stick to their particular goal.

The online environment can be challenging at first. However, your time and effort can make a huge difference & extract the best out of your students. Establish a great foundation for building an engaging online class experience instead of discouraging your students. Make creativity your path to attaining a child’s interest in your teaching.

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Video Editor: A Great Career in the Making

Video Editor A Great career in the making

Video editing is becoming a great sought after profession due to the massive number of video uploads in YouTube and other platforms. As YouTubers are killing it with millions of views and dollars, quality thumbnails,VFX, sound editing, graphics design and other aspects are becoming more important. Not only Youtube, video editors have important work in films, web series, sports, documentaries and all other forms of motion art. This is an interesting profession that can provide you with a great career. In this blog, let us see the prospects and qualities required to be an expert in video editing.

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Qualifications and Training required

Video editing needs a lot of softwares and you must know the technicalities of each one of them. Not only making it attractive for the audience, a video editor should have a creative mind to understand which portions of the content which is unnecessary and eliminate them from the clip.

There are no official degrees that you need; in short, any graduate can become a video editor if they have the patience and the ability to learn the techniques. There are several online courses which you can take regarding video editing courses teaching you sound editing techniques, colour correction, audio sync, scene breakdowns, advanced motion graphics etc.

As video editing does not have a proper degree course, owing to its professional and offbeat nature, you can learn it from coaching academies, online tutors and crash courses. The main focus will be on the hands-on experience as nothing much is there to learn in the theoretical portion. So when you start a course, download all the relevant softwares and practise it as much as possible.


The salary of a video editor depends on the industry the person is working in. For big production houses making films, you would be starting with around INR 900,000 per year. Celebrity film editors can earn upto INR 40,00,000 per film and the sky’s the limit. For newbies, you can start with an approximate salary of around Rs 15,000 and eventually move up the ladder. With experience, skills and expertise, your salary will continue to grow and you can make a big career out of that.

Future of Video editors

Video consumption being the most vibrant part of promotional activities today, editors will play a vital role in finishing off the fine-tuning stuff and make it reach the audience in greater numbers. Video editors can work independently and earn from individual clients and also work in large production houses. It is important to note here that initially, getting a job will be very tough as this is not quite a mainstream field.

Start your classes with MyFavTutor

MyFavTutor, one of the largest online portals in India, has tutors covering all kinds of subjects and courses. They have professional video editors, graphics designers as well as other professional courses. Hence you can take online video editing training here and become an expert in the subject. If you dream of creating videos that would start trending, well, this is your time. Start your video editing classes with MyFavTutor and grow your expertise to the next level.

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Why Tutors Need to Make More Videos

Why Tutors Need to Make More Videos

In the present scenario, when the world faces a severe Covid-19 pandemic, we have entered into the virtual world. Today, when the entire schools and colleges are closed, did the education and learning also come to a halt? Of course, not. Despite such a critical scene, thanks to technology and innovative techniques that have made learning more precise and subtle. Undoubtedly, significant apps and software have made the learning process easier for both teachers and students.

Despite such innovations, students still find it a bit difficult to grasp the lessons. Moreover, it is even difficult for teachers to teach with optimum efficacy. In such instances, videos are the best option. Organic traffic drive is an essential aspect if you are part of the digital platform. Being a teacher, creating a lasting impact on the teachers, and gaining and attracting many students matters the most.

Demo videos or personal videos will surely help you out. Tutoring through videos is not only beneficial for students but the teachers as well. 

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Why Should Teachers Make Videos?

  • When students learn through the videos, it enhances their knowledge retention. In other words, it is easy to pause and replay the video again and again if the students do not understand it in one go. They can view it even after the learning session is over.
  • Videos are the best resources through which one can learn from anywhere, anytime. The only requirement is the active internet connection. It is accessible on all devices, viz, smartphones, PCs, and laptops.
  • For teachers, videos play a vital role in enhancing student engagement. The better they grasp the lesson, it will be beneficial for you.
  • Video tutoring facilitates remote learning. Hence, a teacher can reach out to students all around the world.
  • Through a video, students can learn anytime, even if they failed to attend the lectures. In turn, tutors even receive essential feedback and suggestions on the same.

Making videos, whether a demo or personalised ones are highly fruitful. Demo videos are pretty intimidating as it decides whether you will win or lose the job. It is a planned lesson, defining your skills and abilities. A lesson plan should be personalised and highly impactful to attract a large number of students. But how to do so?

Make the Content Highly Engaging

For the maximum number of views, content should be inviting. When you design a demonstration video, include those points which have a lasting impact on the viewers. Its beginning should be clear with a swift flow towards the middle section and stunning outro.

  • Use Video Editing Apps

No matter how stunning your video is, to make it look professional, video editing apps are beneficial. Some video editors are Wondershare Filmora9, Adobe Premiere Pro X, iMovie, and many more. With advanced editing features, you can transform the raw video into a professional lookalike.

  • Be Responsive

While uploading or posting a video, you are sure to receive comments in it. Respond to all the queries that the learner posts.

  • Incorporate Effective Learning Techniques

In a demo video, try to include all tutoring techniques you prefer. It is equally important to connect with the students to make sure whether it is easy for them to grasp or not.

  • Use Better Resources

Use better quality cameras and a laptop to make the editing task easy-going. The latest software and essentials like lighting will provide a pro finish to your video.

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Check out the Best Techniques to Create a Personal Video

Making and uploading a video sounds quite an easy task. However, one has to go through a roller coaster ride to make it enriching. If you follow the right technique, tutors can even become highly proficient in creating a personal video. Here are the steps you need to check out.

  • Shooting the Video

The first step of creating a video is its shooting. Firstly, set up your laptop, webcam, and whiteboard. Use microphones for better sound quality. Some tools like the Blue Yeti external USB earphone, Logitech C920 webcam, recording software like Camtasia for Windows or OBS, and presentation software will help you out. Although it is not mandatory to have such software, its use will surely help you make a fantastic video.

  • Editing

Once the shooting of the content is over, next comes the editing task. Today, several free and subscribed video editing apps provide a professional touch to the video. The most popular video editors are Final Cut Pro X, Lightworks 14, iMovie, Vegas Pro, Animoto, Headliner, and alike. While investing in their different packages, you can avail of high-end editing standards without compromising quality.

  • Write a Catchy Video Description

None of the videos is complete if you do not include a catchy description at the end. It contains a short brief of the video content. Please don’t make it too long as it may make your viewers bored. Keep it short but interactive enough.

  • Include Thumbnail Extension

After you upload a video, it’s time to include a thumbnail. It will help the viewers to recognize your video easily. Images used in it should connect with your video content.

For a better explanation, you can use presentation software like Powerpoint along with your voice recording. Whatever be the technique, the main motive should be to attract a large number of viewers. Well, it is only possible if the content is prolific, and editing is fantastic. We at MyFavTutor are here to help you in making the best personal video. Shoot your video lectures and upload it on our portal. Your outreach will grow and getting students will be easier. Add a touch of expertise in your video using the right tools and techniques and witness the differences thereof.

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Future Roadmap of Independent Academic Institutions in a post COVID World

Future Roadmap of Independent Academic Institutions

The COVID 19 pandemic situation has brought about a significant disruption in the education system of the entire world. Be it an institution or a university, the entire educational landscape is undergoing a transitional period wherein the educational hubs are all set to transform themselves and take up the new system as a challenge. The importance of technology has thus been well demonstrated in this COVID period. Eventually, this has helped the student from every nook and corner of the world to learn irrespective of their physical barrier.

When the entire world is in the rat race of transition and transformation of the education system, India will surely be among the winners. Let us have a look at the futuristic concept of what independent learning will be: 

School Right From Home

The school from home concept or, more precisely, ‘homeschooling’ has emerged as a result of the outburst of COVID fear. Schools and educational institutions have formulated the idea of online teaching so that schooling and learning suffers no interruption. Although the government (both central and state) is yet to authorize this kind of format to any educational institution, the idea of homeschooling is definitely a thing for the future generation.

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The Online Method of Schooling

With the help of information technology, several applications have enabled the ‘school from home’ concept. It has helped both the students and the teachers to continue their work right from the comforts of their home. The live sessions allow the student to have a face to face conversation with the teachers and clear their doubts just the way they used to experience in the classrooms. Moreover, it allows the teachers to impart knowledge to the students from anywhere and at any time.

The Teachers in a New Role

Online teaching has pushed teachers to emerge in a new role. The new methodology demands the knowledge of technology more than knowledge of a particular subject. Hence the teachers of today have to be friendlier towards mobiles, laptops, and computers. Eventually, it gives a sharp rise in job opportunities to the teachers of the present generation.

AI-Enabled Self-Learning Techniques Comes in the Forefront

AI or Artificial Intelligence is empowered with loads of technologies. With the help of such self-learning techniques, AI updates itself every now and then. It keeps on upgrading itself by learning new things. Thus the future learners have their doors opened to personalized learning and personalized doubt clearing methods. This evokes the idea of independent learning to them and they can learn and practice at any time of the day. 

The Innovative Way of Grading

New methodologies and technologies implemented by the AI are designed to recreate the idea of examination and grading. The teachers are no longer burdened with the traditional concept of examining the student’s worksheets one by one and grading them each. This gives the teachers more time to get ready for the practical classes. Also, they are more encouraged to develop high-quality learning materials and concepts for the students.

Under this scenario, it is undoubtedly a smart move to shift to an online educational system. Trainers and tutors of the new era should collaborate with the ed-tech learning companies, schools, and colleges and learning centers to be prepared for an unpredictable future.

MyFavTutor is a fast-growing tutor search portal in India. It encourages futuristic learning as it helps the students and online tutors from across the country to get connected. So what are you waiting for? If you are a professional tutor, quickly register yourself in MyFavTutor to get more connections. If you are a student looking for an educator, then your search ends here at MyFavTutor. Hence choose MyFavTutor and be future-ready.

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DevOps Engineer: The Most Demanding Job Profile in The Upcoming Years

DevOps Engineer: The Most Demanding Job Profile in The Upcoming Years

DevOps is a relatively new field in the IT world. It’s role is to bridge the gap between software development teams and IT operations. They basically work with the cloud architecture and help companies build quality open source softwares, which can be scaled, implemented and used by global clients. DevOps Engineers are quite similar to IT project managers who oversee multiple activities and help in the coordination between departments within an organisation. As a DevOps specialist, you need to have a strong knowledge of code testing, agile methodology and open source tools. 

In this blog, let us look closely about the DevOps market, salary, prospects and technical skills.

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DevOps: Technical Skills Required

DevOps being a new area, does not have any specific degree courses that can qualify you to become one. Learning platforms provide some online courses that will give you theoretical knowledge and live projects to test your application skills.

In general, a DevOps engineer should be thoroughly knowledgeable about cloud platforms (AWS, Azure), configuration management, automation, scripting and product development/testing. These are some vital qualities that you should have before planning to move ahead in this field. 

DevOps engineers should have a strong understanding of market needs and demands. They need to improvise on codes, build cloud infrastructure, add permissions, streamline the workflow process, and add objects to meet the business needs.

As the field is quite new, most companies are finding it difficult to explain the exact roles, responsibilities and tech skills that should define this segment. However, as the market is getting hotter, what are the salaries and future opportunities for a DevOps; let’s see.

DevOps: Salary and Promotion

DevOps engineers are hired by all the top IT companies in India and abroad. On average, the starting salary of a DevOps is around Rs. 674,000 per annum as per In the US, it is a whopping $133,000 per annum and with experience it can go upto $180,000-200,000 per annum. Getting a job is not a problem as the supply is lesser than demand and bulge bracket firms like IBM and Google are also hiring in this field. 

You can join as DevOps architect, release manager, security engineer, software tester, automation engineer and integration specialist. This is a rewarding career with a lot of coding languages and testing environment that you can work and grow your experience on. Quality employees who has enough experience in handling multiple projects and developing softwares that are industry-ready, going up the ranks is possible without much hassles. From a DevOps architect to a project manager to the operations head of a company, this is a career with great prospects and responsibilities which will help you grow as an employee.

If this article makes you feel interested in learning DevOps courses and becoming a professional, then enroll in online learning courses. At MyFavTutor, you will have experienced tutors, training you about the new skills and getting you accustomed to software tools, codes, libraries. It is one of India’s largest e-learning websites that will guide you to the right path and help you learn courses online, which will take you closer to your dream career.

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Schools Need to Follow These Protocols as They Reopen Again

Schools Need to Follow These Protocols as They Reopen Again

As the unlock 4 is on the way, schools and colleges are about to open in a few weeks from now. The home ministry has already notified that schools outside of containment zones can reopen from September 21. To avoid confusion and panic of both parents and students, strict guidelines have been issued by the government. Schools will have to follow these standard operating protocols (SOP) and maintain social distancing in the classes.

Rules for Schools to follow

Sanitization of All Common Spaces

All common spaces of the schools, including the library, labs, canteen, assembly halls and classrooms, need to be fully sanitized before the schools open. This is the first basic step that institutions need to take. This is because lab equipment, furniture, and library books will be used by many students, and the risks of virus contamination are the highest in all these places. 

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Mask for All Staffs Compulsory

As we all have been following in the last six months, masks continue to be mandatory and all students, tutors and staff need to wear it throughout the day. Carrying multiple masks is necessary as students are advised to wash the mask after reaching school and wear a fresh one. The same goes for the staff and tutors. 

Voluntary Attendance

Schools cannot force students to come under any circumstances. Attendance will be voluntary and only after the written consent of parents duly signed in. Students from containment zones are not allowed to travel and have been told to continue their online classes. For others, they are free to go to school and take their classes. 

Draw Markings on The Floor

To maintain a social distance of 6 feet, floors all over the school premises need to be marked as kids are not matured enough to handle it themselves. The canteens, washroom, libraries, classrooms, assembly hall, labs and balconies need to be marked clearly. As per instructions, unnecessary queues anywhere should be avoided and no group activities will be allowed until further notice.

Health Checkup

School management must be prepared with a pulse oximeter, thermal gun and alcohol-based hand sanitizers when it starts functioning. Check the body temperature of every student while they are entering the school premises. Those with high temperatures will have to be sent home immediately. All forms of parent-teacher meetings and other activities need to be done online and the physical congregation of people must be prevented at all costs.

No Assembly/Sporting Activities

Sporting activities and other extracurricular activities should not be started until the situation comes under control. The classes will also take place in two shifts and depending on the size of the batch and tutor availability, schools are free to decide how they will manage the new format. 

Apart from the above guidelines, the ministry of health has also suggested that no items like pen, pencil, books and copies should be shared. Students must have all personal equipment and should avoid unnecessary materials as much as possible. If schools are arranging cars and buses, then it is their responsibility to clean it every day with sanitizers; seats, windows, rods and all other areas of contamination must be cleaned properly. 

Parents are terrified to send their children to schools. That is quite obvious as August onwards per day, more than 70,000+ people are getting infected from Coronavirus in India. The fear is real, but the governments and school boards are also trying to find a middle path to prevent the year losses of the students. Many exams are stalled and the gap in education has made things worse. 

Those parents who are unwilling to send their children to schools would continue with online classes. You can select experienced tutors from MyFavTutor, the largest tutoring portal in India and continue your classes with the best faculties in your town.

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Obsessed with Grades? Here Is Why You Are Harming Yourself

Obsessed with Grades Here Is Why You Are Harming Yourself

Grades, the sweetest yet scariest word in the academic world, is hailed as the sole criteria of judging a student. Parents, Children, Tutors, Schools and Colleges; any person or institution, even remotely associated with education, goes gung-ho about marks and grades. They feel that anyone scoring above 90% needs to be treated differently and the student must be exceptional in not only education but all other walks of life. 

The result? As per NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) data, in 2018 alone, 10,159 students committed suicide, which translates to 28 deaths every day, owing to parental and peer pressure. These include students from premium institutes like IIT, coaching institutes, schools and many more. Grades, or the obsession with it, are creating more damage to the learning process and in this blog, we will discuss it further.

Why Do Grades Mean So Much?

Getting accepted into a decent college is not on top of the to-do list if one does not get good grades . To put that into perspective, in 2019, the cut off of one of India’s finest institutions (Hindu College), shot up to 99% for entry to their political science stream! Weird? Definitely, and that’s where the problem lies.

Unlike Europe and the USA, where SAT, TOEFL, GRE and various other entrance exams are conducted worldwide to screen the best students, Indian universities look at class 12 marks as the sole criteria for admission. This makes students go crazy over their percentages and those who are not on those lists feel dejected.

Any standard university checks students’ marks, entrance scores, interview performance, and decides whether it is worth selecting the candidate, much like the IIMs and other higher learning institutions. However, in India, degree course colleges bring out merit lists only on the marks obtained in the boards leading to this problem.

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Grades Cannot Define IQ

In the midst of all these, academicians have repeatedly shown concern about the lack of encouragement given towards innovation and analytical ability leading to a fall in student qualities. PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), takes an examination to assess students’ analytical ability globally. In 2009, India finished at 72, second last, ahead of only Kyrgyzstan. This shocking result has indicated that application-based questions are something students are still not comfortable with. 

The urge to score high and the competition among schools rarely gives space to new ideas coming or debating new research. Learning a science subject requires more practical classes than theories. Real life examples, learning tours, videos/images along with latest updates from journals are some of the most engaging ways to help students understand the subject. The interest in the subjects grows and students can easily relate to it. 

Giving them challenging projects also brings out the best and those who have creative ideas can be groomed further. Instead of mere grades, ideas need to be celebrated. 

Are Success and Grades Mutually Inclusive?

Several successful personalities have become entrepreneurs, scientists, musicians, teachers, etc. with average grades. Albert Einstein was so fed up with the schooling system that he never gave much importance to these mechanically conducted exams and performed poorly. There are several examples in India as well, i.e., Ritesh Agarwal, the founder of OYO Rooms, is a college dropout with a net worth of $1.1 billion. The point is, if your target is fixed and you are thinking ten years down the line, then you will have decent progress in your career. 

If you look around most high scoring students are doing pretty much the same jobs in the IT/Finance/Consulting sector, as other employees. Yes, scoring high does indeed prove your academic consistency and discipline, but it does not make you an exceptional calibre student by default.

Final Words

Scoring high marks can never be the end goal of any student at any point of time. At best, it is a validation of memorizing capabilities that gives you the scope of higher learning in good universities. However, in professional courses like engineering, law, medicine, hospitality, and others, there are entrance tests, group discussions, and interviews. Hence, higher scores will not give you an advantage and it’s a level playing field for all. If you get good marks, well and good, if not, get into a lower repute college, but focus on the subjects more. At the end of the day, your professional success will depend on your commitment to the work, expertise and the value that you bring on the table.

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