How Important Is the Subject Matter Knowledge for a Private Tutor?

Private Tuition

The Indian education system generally appoints primary school teachers to teach all subjects to their students. So, it is likely that until a certain standard, only one teacher can teach most subjects, probably excluding vernacular.

As students go to higher classes, they find every subject taught by a different teacher according to their specialization. In such a scenario, the educational background and knowledge regarding a particular subject matter gain importance.

How Necessary is Subject Matter Knowledge?

To become a private tutor honing the knowledge and skills related to a subject matter is extremely important. Let us find out why such requirements need to be fulfilled:

Acquiring Online Tutoring Jobs

In the growing digital era, online tutoring has become one of the most common earning methods for individuals. Many people are putting down their applications on different online websites to establish a position.

The foremost aspect of getting through a credible educational platform is presenting the knowledge of the subject you wish to specialize in. Your degree will give you an upper hand to confirm your background regarding a particular subject.

Proving Authenticity

We have often come across private tuition classes being taken in our neighbourhood that facilitate in-person learning. However, it is often difficult to judge the credibility of individuals teaching subjects for higher standards. Many times, it is difficult to ask an individual regarding their teaching background directly.

When students look for teachers online, they go through the history of the tutor’s teaching experience and educational background. Before they appoint an online tutor, they want to be sure about the person they rely on. In such a case, your degree will matter along with your previous work experience.

Having the Ability to Impart Knowledge

Teaching or tutoring skills need to be mastered over time. The way you interact and make a subject lovable to students can shape their future. Since tutoring skills are already tactical aspects to emphasize, knowing your subject well will help you.

If you are the master of the subject you teach, the process of imparting knowledge becomes easy for you. Knowing your subject matter not only makes you confident about tutoring but also lets you have all the answers ready. Whenever your students have doubts, you can assist them instantly.


A teacher’s job is one of the most challenging tasks as they take the responsibility of moulding students’ lives. When you master a subject and have all the answers to share with your students, they find you reliable. Thus, the significance of knowing a subject matter is crucial.

Master of One

We often have the dilemma of either being the jack of all trades or being the master of one. While knowing a bit of everything takes you a long way, mastering one keeps you unquestionable about that aspect.

So, when you have complete knowledge about one particular subject, you are unbeatable. Such an accomplishment makes you more suited to provide a teaching service.

Final Thoughts

If you want a student to call you MyFavTutor, you must apply to our online tutoring platform and impart knowledge. Our students constantly need tutors who have mastered subjects and are ready to shape their worlds.

5 Things Successful Private Tutors Do Differently

Not all heroes wear capes; sometimes, they sit in front of their laptops and impart knowledge! In the era where the internet dominates our day-to-day activities, online tutoring is no longer an uncommon profession. To become a private tutorand gain success in the challenging field of teaching, there are qualities you must hone.

Qualities to Hones to Succeed as a Private Tutor

Here, we will talk about the top 5 qualities that private tutors possess to add value to students’ lives.

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1. Clear Objectives for Students

When your career revolves around the success of other individuals, your goals cannot be self-centred. A private tutor will think about their personal growth and how to help students’ educational growth. Their objective will include understanding concepts shared with the student and their success determined by students’ improvement.

2. Asking for Feedback

Tutors will ask their students about how well they can come across while teaching. They will ask if they can convey the teaching concepts as required and test students to determine the same. A tutor who considers receiving feedback to analyse their quality of work will always try to excel.

3. Knowing When to Listen

The job of conducting private tuitionis not speaking and teaching but also listening and understanding. A successful private tutor takes time to listen to what the student has to say and makes themselves approachable.

When a student does not feel anxious and scared to raise concerns and queries, he expresses comfort towards the tutor. When the tutor receives the expression positively and resolves a question, they succeed in this step.

Listening is not always limited to educational queries. It can also be problems that students face personally. Such issues might be affecting their academics and cause hindrance in the teaching process.

An approachable tutor will make students comfortable and make the teaching process agile.

4. Allows Students to Take Risks

Risk-taking is an essential formula of success, and every individual must learn this early in life. A good tutor will help students try new things and create circumstances to analyse their coping mechanisms. They will prepare students to handle failure by going through constant trial and error. This will ensure complete preparation before they sit for the main examinations.

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5. Keeping a Positive Approach

Many times, teachers, mentors, and coaches use a negative approach to motivate a learner indirectly. They find it easier to humiliate and call-out failures, using it as a driving force for improvement.

While this approach works for several people, it also builds angst within learners. Even though they might attain success, they might not be happy about the process.

A good tutor will keep a positive approach and make the process of learning enjoyable for students. They will encourage their little accomplishments and constantly ask them to keep doing better. The approach might require a lot of patience but makes a student find true purpose in shaping their career.

Final thoughts

If you are a tutor who possesses such skills, MyFavTutor is the perfect platform for you to join. Come and be a part of this wonderful journey to enlighten lives and brighten minds.

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6 Reasons Why Appointing A Maths Tutor is a Good Idea

6 Reasons Why Appointing A Maths Tutor is a Good Idea

As parents, it is mostly one of the challenging tasks to help their kids with math homework. As we all know, all fingers are not the same; every child and their ability to solve mathematical equations are also not the same. It is common to fall behind in the subject, and as parents, you need not stress so much about it.

As education is considered one of the most demanding aspects of a child’s life, they may also struggle in some subjects while thriving in one subject.  The important question arouses here is how do you consider appointing a mathematics tutor for your child?

We have listed some of the crucial reasons for you, giving you some reasons to consider appointing a math tutor for your kid.

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Slipping Grades In Class is Always a Mess!

It is often common among children during school age to experience grades shifting up and slipping down. They may sometimes score A+ and can also shift to B+ in some of the mathematic assignments.

This is not too big a concern as parents; however, one thing that needs to be considered is their confidence. If the grades of your child seem to slip constantly, they might be losing confidence. Make sure you look forward to a good math teacher before their grade reaches a falling point.

Lack of Time for Your Child

There are circumstances when as parents, you need to look after your other responsibilities as well. This leads to a lack of adequate time for your child. Be it a relationship, job, or location change; children often get deprived of school and homework support from their parents. Appointing a math tutor can unload all the stress from your shoulder and keep high grades for your child.

Is Your Child’s Enthusiasm Seems Fading Away?

As parents and teachers, everyone knows that a child can not always be a rockstar in every subject in school. Not every child loves mathematics too! But it is something fishy if your child who loved math starts having less interest in it. Check on them as soon as you notice these signs.

Losing enthusiasm for mathematic can mean that they might be struggling to cope with tough equations! Getting a private maths tutor can be the best remedy to make the child understand the strategies more interesting.

The Frustration of Child with Mathematics Homework

One thing that can make a child stressful is their level of frustration while solving mathematic questions, even if they know the answer. Consider a maths tutor if you find your child spending long hours completing maths homework and showing a lack of interest in understanding it.

Frustration can often be seen among children who failed to establish a strong mathematical foundation. It leads them to struggle while solving the questions. Look out for these signs of frustration in your child. They might be desperately looking for private guidance to master the subject.

What if Your Child Demands a Tutor Herself/Himself?

As parents and even teachers, you might be so well aware that children hate extra classes apart from school hours. Appointing a separate tutor for them can make them feel disgusted and get so many reasons to avoid seeing a tutor. However, some children might ask for one! Yes, some children recognize their flaws and as for additional support. Listen to their requests and help them out!

Being Confused Most of the Time

An underperforming child might not be confident enough to complete the homework themselves. Especially when it is maths homework, they are puzzled by some concepts and strategies. If you notice certain anxiety expressed by your child about tests or homework and seem defensive while you try to help, consider a tutor. A maths tutor can help them understand the subject more appropriately and easily ensure the advancement of their grade.

Placing the learning of your child above their performance might surprisingly increase their confidence. To obtain the following help, Visit MyFavTutor and look for a suitable Mathematics tutor. Good grades aren’t so far now!

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How Do You Attract More Students for Private Tuition in 2021

How Do You Attract More Students for Private Tuition in 2021

Online teaching is an effective & modern way to teach from your house’s comfort or desired location. COVID-19 has redefined the mediums of teaching, and owing to safety constraints, raises the need for a digital platform. An ideal online setting would consist of the following-  

  • A good desktop laptop/computer, 
  • A steady internet connection, 
  • And a quality headset, including a microphone for audio & webcam for video communication. 

The multi-location setup price is very minimal and backed-up by institutes.

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Importance of Digital Platforms for Tutoring

Teachers can offer students course materials, administer their class-tests/assignments, maintain the student records, and track progress. It’ll help them in saving effort & time. Also, catering to many students would become swifter compared to the physical classroom setup. So, tutors can conduct their classes hassle-free.

How to Attract & Retain Students 

Opting for online tutoring involves adequately marketing yourself. Regarding what you’ve to offer is the key to attract & retain students and preparing your clientele. So, wondering how to do this? Register yourself to an online platform and follow this roundup of a few suggestions on attracting students as online tutors.

1. Put together a stand-out profile.

Wish to create your profile on a structured teacher marketplace? Advertise your teaching skills & services is the very first step. And, for that, you’ll need an eye-catching profile. Your tutor profile gives potential students their first impression of you. It must contain relevant information, including your teaching background, qualifications, experience, and any specialties you offer.

2. Show how you teach

An introduction clip offers students a taste of your teaching background & personality. Another good option to distinguish yourself from other tutors is to use a sample video from one of your teaching sessions. It’ll give students a sense of your teaching methods. Also, they’ll feel more comfortable choosing you as their mentor since they know what to expect during a class.

3. Respond instantly to all questions

Teaching online is competitive! As a tutor, you can’t afford to reply slowly to potential students’ inquiries about your services. Make sure to answer any questions within 24 hours or aim to react a bit sooner. And if you don’t, students might lose interest and probably choose another teacher who responded first.

4. Make social media work for you.

Social media is utilized in some capacity by everyone. Whether the platform is Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, it offers a place to connect professionally or personally. As a tutor, you can leverage social media to establish yourself as a trusted source of helpful information. It’ll anyway attract more students. For instance, posting subject tips, creating surveys or polls, etc.

5. Focus on student’s preferred learning style

Adapting your instructional approach to the student’s preferred learning style is a huge part of teaching. You can attract students by including info about learning techniques in your teacher profile/video. Ask students what method they prefer while learning, like writing it down, hearing it, hands-on activities, etc. This awareness of learning style will lead to loyal online students who can learn effectively.

Alluring students is not always easy. An online platform like MyFavTutor sets a perfect environment for teaching in these trying times. Contemplate how many hours you want to coach a week. Then, allow the free time to focus on other things. Like- creating social media posts, building a website, improving your teacher profile, etc.

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Convert Your Kitchen into A Money Generating Machine

Convert Your Kitchen into A Money Generating Machine

Gone are the days when women had to feed and nurture the entire family. In those times, they were not even allowed to ask a single buck to spend on their personality development. However, time has changed a lot. Women, apart from nurturing the entire family, are independent today. Several laws and rules describe women empowerment.

Despite such freedom, there are still some women who have to rely on their husbands for any expenses. Thanks to the online sources that have opened several paths for them to work from home, they are not able to expand their skills on a wider platform. If cooking is your master skill and soon enough it can be your source of income as well. The emergence of the internet, several online cooking courses and trusted websites have solved several problems.

When it comes to selling foods or providing cooking courses, there are several factors to consider. Your one mistake can lower your fan following, which may drastically impact your earning factor as well.

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Pro Tips to Earn Money through Cooking Skills

· Seek Social Media Help

If you want to sell your dishes, you first need to make a website. You can even start a Facebook page and post about it on the local sites. It will let the local customers know about you and the tasty stuff you serve.

· Be a Tutor

Apart from serving dishes through online modes, you can teach numerous students through online courses. To find an ample number of students, you can approach trusted sites like MyFavTutor. It is the perfect platform to find enough students without facing any stress.

Add a Touch of Your Personality into Your Product

Make sure your signature item and personality is reflected in the product you sell. Customers feel treasured to buy food from home cooks. Feel free to tell a story behind such a dish in the label and post it online. It is the perfect way to establish a core relationship with your customers.

· Be a writer

Transform your recipes into a beautiful blog. It is time to earn money through self-blogging. Increase the earning along with the fan base while creating an excellent blog. Make sure your website is SEO optimised to attract numerous users.·

· Learn, Earn and Transform

People are flocking towards online sites for performing almost every chore in their daily life. Learning has become easier with the evolution of efficient sites and several online platforms. One of the feasible ways is to switch to the teaching platforms where you don’t have to take stress on finding students. Along with the impressive rates, you can teach numerous students your signature recipes, making them the better chefs of tomorrow.

· Use Techniques to Attract Customers

Are you facing trouble to find optimum customers? No matter how well you cook and present your dish, insufficient customers may drastically lower your sales. Make your website highly user-friendly so that you can know what they want. While making such changes, you can improve your services.

· Follow State Rules

Each state has a different set of rules on income ceilings and food labels. Before you start an online cooking site, you should be aware of the requirements to start selling online. It includes ingredients used, availability of the product and other parameters.

· Be Sure about The Feedback

Whether you are selling online dishes or taking online cooking classes, don’t forget to seek customers’ and students’ feedback. Suggestions and reviews will help you improve your services. When services are better, earning goes higher and vice-versa.

Without any surprise, the demand for online cooking classes is at a peak in the present times. Just start a cooking class and start earning from the comfort zone of your house. Apart from finding a trusted site, it is crucial to master your teaching skills.

Starting a cooking class at home is not only costly, but it may take several months or even years to find an ample number of students. MyFavTutor is the one-stop destination to teach numerous students with standard registration fees.

Just a registration is not enough; you should advertise to attract students towards your class. The number of students increases with time if your courses are prolific. Women don’t sit ideally at home. Utilize your spare time to earn and teach students at your home. Use better techniques to teach the students. Your utmost priority should be to make teaching techniques amazing so that students understand better.

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Want to Teach Special Kids? Follow These Steps

Want to Teach Special Kids Follow These Steps

Autism among kids is quite a common phenomenon. Studies among students in North America, Europe and Asia have shown that approximately 1-2% of kids are affected by this disease. These children have a tough time learning, and their career prospects go for a toss, from a very early age. The problem that these students face is lack of attention span and inability to communicate with the tutors. Their repetitive behavior like staring at lights or lining up objects, irritates tutors and they stay away from such kids. 

Teaching these special kids is not easy. You need to have a great amount of patience, innovation and temperament to tackle such behavior. In this blog, we will be discussing how a tutor can teach an autistic kid successfully.

Keep The Language Simple

While teaching Special children such as persons with autism keep your instructions simple. Explain things in the most lucid language and make the sessions very interactive. Tutors need to do their homework well and find out methods through which the subject can be made interesting. Use videos to give practical examples of real-life applications. The more you make the class audio-visual, an autistic student will find it easier to remember the subject. This is because our brain can process visuals better and those facing learning difficulties find it easier to handle the content better.

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Be Straightforward, Don’t Use Abstract Terms

Special children do not understand abstract terms. Using any non-verbal expression like gestures and facial expressions does not make any sense to them. If you are accustomed to teaching normal kids, then you need to rectify this habit. While teaching a story or poem, tutors tend to modulate their voice and stress on gestures to explain the beauty of the text. Avoid doing it, when an autistic kid is in front of you. Speak straight and keep the explanations direct to the text. Focus on every paragraph, give customized notes, and wrap up the chapters, without going too deep into it. Extensive learning becomes stressful for these children, so keep it short and precise.

Give Time

As the learning speed will be quite slow, so do not rush towards finishing the syllabus early. Given enough time to the child to grasp the subjects in detail. As a tutor, this is a tough choice to make. That’s because syllabuses are quite huge these days. Going too slow will not even complete 50% of the curriculum and going fast is not an option. So, developing a moderate pace for learning while ensuring that the child can understand the subject is a vital decision that the tutor will have to decide in the beginning. But, if you find that, some chapters are increasingly becoming a burden for the child, skip it. Finish the easier ones first and ensure that at least getting a pass percentage is not difficult. 

Minimize Distraction

Distractions are a big turn off for autistic kids. Sound of a bell, smell of perfumes, or a car honking can destroy their concentration level. Special children find it very hard to keep their attention on a particular thing for a long time. It takes time and hence any external sounds break the momentum and this affects the speed of their learning process profoundly. While you are teaching an autistic kid, try to find an isolated space where there is no external disturbance. Soundproof rooms are a must for teaching these children. Don’t do anything out of the box, once the student is comfortable with you. Be predictable and you will be trusted more. 

Make Activities

During the class, do some fun activities, if the situation permits. Create a timer, where the child will get to see, time given for each event. Storytelling through pictures, matching halves, creating a flower bouquet can be some enjoyable activities for an autistic child. As a tutor, there is no hard and fast rule that you must behave in a particular way. Think, research and come out with innovative ideas so that your student can think of you as a friend. Depending on the level of disability that the child has, you are free to improvise your teaching methods. At the end of the day, results will speak for itself. 

Eliminate Stress

Special children face a lot of stress. This is because students realize that they cannot compete with regular students and are often looked down upon. As a tutor, you must remove any kind of stress that the child is going through. Whenever you are about to change your routine, give them transition warnings, schedules and instructions so that they can feel at ease. Shorter sentences, crystal clear language and a friendly attitude will help the child get accustomed to the new formats. You must remember that any form of transition puts them in a stressful situation. Keep this in mind and set a routine for everything. The more you can eliminate stress; learning will become faster and smoother. 

Getting trained tutors who can deal with autistic kids is not easy. But MyFavTutor, a tutor search portal in India, has trained faculties who can deal with autistic kids. The platform gives exposure to all kinds of courses; in case you are a student, visit the website and see the unlimited number of courses available. It’s free for students; in case if you have any requirements, feel free to connect with tutors you like.

Besides, tutors can also teach them social skills. They can tell them how their behavior can affect others’ feelings through a small informal storytelling session. It will help them to rectify their public behavior to a certain extent. Celebrate their success and make them a part of the normal society at large. Do not show unnecessary sympathy; they feel humiliated by those. Speak to them normally and encourage them to take life as it comes to them. 

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Want to Score High in Chemistry Here’s Why You Need a Tutor

Want to Score High in Chemistry Here's Why You Need a Tutor

Chemistry is one of those subjects where you have to remember many formulas, reactions, and tables. It has a vast syllabus and students often feel exhausted in dealing with the subject owing to lack of strategy and time management. In CBSE, the chemistry papers are lengthy, and without serious preparation, it’s hard to score well, especially on the board exams. Self-study is not enough to cover such a vast curriculum; an experienced tutor is crucial for your success. When we say success, we are talking about a solid 80 or 90+ score in the board exams, so that your percentage can stay high.

This blog will tell you why an expert chemistry tutor can help you score high in the CBSE board exams. Let’s see.

Suggest Quality Reference Books

There are many Chemistry books available on the market. So, many students get confused as to which one is to buy. Experienced tutors suggest the books that students should follow before a particular exam. For instance, NCERT is the standard reference book for all subjects within the CBSE board. But can you score 90% just by studying NCERT? Nope. You need additional books to understand the concepts better to practice questions, tips for competitive examination, etc. A tutor will guide you in selecting these books, which is far better than school friends’ suggestions, as they do not have enough knowledge on this matter.

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Prepare a Schedule so that You Can Study Everyday

Board exams put you under a lot of pressure. Your future career will depend on it. Also, there are many subjects that you have to study like English, physics, mathematics, etc. You have to give time to each one of those equally. Many students tend to forget the importance of a daily study and give breaks in between. Tutors can help you prepare a schedule to study chemistry for at least 30 to 60 minutes daily. Otherwise, you will forget many things, if there is a 2-3 day gap. CBSE boards are tough and there is no way you want to take any chance with it. This strategic schedule will help you to score well and stay up to date with the syllabus.

Create Your Strong Zones

CBSE Chemistry boards have a massive syllabus. So, you might not be equally comfortable in all the chapters. Hence you must pick up some chapters, where you will be ready to tackle any question that comes your way. Sections like Chemical Kinetics, Surface chemistry, and Electrochemistry are crucial in the physical chemistry portion, so you can choose the ones you are strong and work on. Experienced tutors will help you to sort out these things based on your marks and individual liking.

Notes for Your Last-minute Preparation

While you prepare for your board exams, there are several books and reference materials that you may have followed. You know your strengths, important chapters, question format, level of difficulty… everything. But in the last three months, it is problematic to open your books and copies to go through formulas and theoretical explanations every time you forget something. An experienced tutor will help you prepare a concise material only for your exam purpose. You can quickly glance through it before your actual board exams and other mock exams that you sit for. Things become easier and you can go through all the vital elements in a shorter period.

Tips to Remember Formula

Formulas are an integral part of chemistry. Not only formulas, but there are also thousands of chemical reactions, tables and charts that you need to remember while preparing for board exams. Students try to find a way to keep these things in mind, but in the exam hall, often due to anxiety, they forget these formulas. When this happens, you are losing scoring opportunities and if you end up getting average marks in chemistry, your overall percentage also goes down. So tutors are important as they provide necessary tips and shortcut tricks to remember these things. 

Revision Plan

To do well in boards, you need to revise your chapters every day. With around 5-6 subjects and each having 10-15 chapters, you have a considerable task to segregate your time and revise accordingly. Doing this effectively is not easy for students; lack of planning and immaturity plays a significant role. That is why a trained tutor in Chemistry can allocate time to ensure that most of the chapters can be thoroughly revised before the exams. Chapters that are demanding need to be revised multiple times and sufficient time must be available for that. Tutors will sort it out for you. 

Solve Paper Every Week

When you hire an experienced tutor, they will make you practice hard and keep evaluating your progress. Mock tests, objective and long answer questions, numerical, and quizzes are vital elements that will ensure discipline in your study pattern. It improves your scoring ability and clears concepts that were earlier too tough to understand. Private tutors in India have successfully helped students get higher marks; as a result, most parents prefer to keep them as a mentor. They will make you solve previous year questions, sample tests in full format (70 marks) in 3 hours, to test how much you can score. This feedback and testing mechanism is great for scoring well in chemistry in the CBSE boards. 

If you are worried about Chemistry and have a board exam in the next 1-2 years, start preparing now. MyFavTutor, the largest tutor search portal in India, has a list of outstanding Chemistry tutors in their database with years of experience. Quickly go the portal and book your sessions with the most dedicated teachers to make sure that scoring big in CBSE chemistry, is going to be easy.

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4 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

4 Signs Your Child Needs A Tutor

A tutor is not only someone who teaches your child or helps them on their way to better grades. A Tutor is someone whose presence is able to make a difference in your child’s life. A well-experienced tutor will be able to guide your child and bring about an all-round development growth for them. But how would you know that your child needs an online tutor who can teach him privately? Let’s discuss some of the vital points to understand your child’s needs.

Decline in Grades

One of the warning signs that parents need to be aware of is when there has been a steady decline in their child’s grades. One will need to look closely and figure out the reasons that have provoked this situation. Talking to the class or subject teacher will assist in enabling one to further understand the severity of the situation. Sometimes, even good students tend to perform below average. However, if the drop in grades continues for some time, you will need to talk to your child and provide them with additional help.

When one’s grades face a decline, do not rebuke your child, but first, speak to them to figure out where the underlying issues are. Scolding or shouting due to lower grades will only dampen your child’s confidence, and studies will eventually become a nightmare for them. Review the subjects where the results are unsatisfactory and hire a private tutor to solve the problem

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Lack of Confidence

When your child feels tense, especially during exams they will often look for ways to avoid their studies altogether , you as a parent need to be careful. “Exam Phobia” or the fear of exams happens when a student knows that their preparation is not up to the standard required during exams, this then results in having a poor outcome in their exams. As a parent, you should immediately consult quality tutors and spend more time with your child to make them feel comfortable.

Confidence building measures need to be applied long term. Making the tutor aware of the situation will also be helpful. Knowing the background of the child, will help the tutor address the issues as required. MyFavTutor has some of the most qualified personal tutors in India, who can help your child come out of this problem.

No Enthusiasm in Studies

As a parent, we have the notion that the child is careless about his studies. We think that with some strict disciplinary action, things will fall into place. However, we fail to notice that our child might lack enthusiasm and will need to be motivated.

There are several reasons for a child to get unmotivated. One main reason for the child to lack interest is due to the tedious method of teaching. It leads the students to think that the subject is either too easy or too tough which results in the mindset of it being pointless to study it further.

Different issues related to the child’s health or developmental abilities also affect his academic scores. Under this scenario, a teacher plays the most important role in changing the viewpoint of the student. Thankfully MyFavTutor is a space where you are able to find various tutors who will be able to fulfill your requirements.

Detachment from School Activities and Homework

Sometimes, students fail to overcome certain emotional and social barriers in learning. This might be due to the fact that they are slow in picking up certain aspects of the subject in comparison to others and are introverted. They find it hard to maintain eye contact or get strenuous in performing simple activities at school.

As a result, they develop disinterest in school activities and homework.This shows that they are in dire need of new teachers who will be able to understand their situation. Dedicated online teachers whose primary interest lies in student’s development will be able to help such students and assist them in coming out of such situations. They understand the student’s needs and are able to build a strong relationship with them. This helps them to feel safe and gain confidence.

Go through the innumerable search portals of the teachers at MyFavTutor to give your child the best tutor. Search for a quality private tutor in India with MyFavTutor and bring back the drive to be motivated and better in your child’s life.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tuition

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tuition

The number of students taking up private tuition has seen a spike over the years, be it primary or secondary schoolers. Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with enrolling your child to attend one or multiple private classes after school hours. A private tuition is deemed necessary when it comes to helping the child improve his performance level; i.e. strengthen his understanding on certain chapters or to elevate his grades. While taking up private tuition can positively bring an impact to a child’s studies, there are also downsides to this.

Let’s discuss both.


  • Personalized learning environment

A private tuition has a more personalized approach due to its one-to-one learning environment as compared to the formal classroom setting which usually has a 30:1 student-teacher ratio. Unlike in the classroom, a private tuition gives the student the freedom to raise numerous questions or seek clarifications as much as he wants without feeling anxious. 

Getting such freedom will help boost the student’s self-esteem to ask more questions. As a result, it enables him to strengthen his weak spots and help him catch up on the topics he’s falling behind in school.

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  • Nurture responsibility and time management

Besides having to finish up schoolwork, the student will also need to juggle his free time studying his tutor’s notes or complete his tuition work. Eventually, he’ll manage his time wisely due to having to focus on both chores at the same time. Having this responsibility enables the student to practice self-discipline when it comes to completing his tuition work and monitoring his study progress.


  • Safety concerns

You need to know whether you’re getting your money’s worth. As scammers are rampant, there have been numerous reports where parents and students were tricked by people claiming to be genuine tutors with a reputable background. Finding a private tutor can be tricky because nowadays, most offer their services online whereby you can’t completely verify their background and authenticity. These scammers would often request clients to pay the course fees upfront before ‘lessons’ begin. Once the money is received, they immediately disappear out of sight, untraceable.

  • Costly

Private tuition is deemed a luxury because not all parents are financially stable and can afford such education for their children. Most private tutors charge an expensive registration fee and per hour rates. This is especially true for most well-known tutors as they usually charge higher for quality services and materials. Sure, such an amount won’t be an issue to well-off families as they can afford to hire multiple tutors. However, how about those who truly need help in their studies but are less fortunate?

Apart from that, tutors often share materials and demos or conduct their lessons online whenever necessary requiring them to have the proper tools and gadgets. For those who cannot afford such things, this issue can be a burden to them.

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Taking Private Tutoring: Why is It Beneficial

Taking private tutoring: Why is it beneficial

As a parent, you’d do everything in your power to provide the best for your child. One of the most important aspects of parenthood is being able to give your child a good education. Sure, enrolling your child into a reputable school with the best teachers is one milestone achieved. However, with the standardized schooling system, not every student has the capacity to learn and understand the same way.

This issue is worrisome as it can affect the child’s performance level in the long run. As a result, a lot of parents are taking the private tutoring route for their children as learning in school alone is not enough. Apart from helping the child reinforce his learning abilities, here are more reasons why getting a private tutor is beneficial. 

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Boost self-esteem

Raising questions or speaking up in a classroom full of peers will always be a daunting prospect for any student. It’s not THAT simple. Whether feeling shy or afraid of getting embarrassed, most students don’t have the confidence to speak up to their teachers to ask questions on topics they don’t understand.

Such an issue doesn’t occur in a one-to-one learning. As private tutoring has a more personalized approach, a student can freely enquire and seek clarifications as many as he wants to the tutor. Eventually, he’ll start building his self-esteem again to speak up for clarifications.

Lessons will never go on without the student

Rain or shine, a tutor will never let his classes go on without the student, so he doesn’t have to be afraid of missing out on any chapter or topic. Unlike in schools, if a student is absent due to falling sick, the lessons still go on as usual. As a result, the student misses a new chapter from that day in which he’ll need to catch up. Imagine if the student misses a few days’ worth of lessons, won’t he fall behind?

If the student is falling behind his studies in school, he won’t struggle much if he’s under the personal supervision of a private tutor. This is because the tutor will take his time to teach and reinforce any weak spots that his student has.

Less stressful learning environment

Private tuition can be held at the student’s home or even online which makes it convenient for both parties. Learning in a home or virtual setting is far less stressful as the student can learn comfortably without any distraction or pressure from peers and teachers. Under the tutor’s supervision, the student can be more motivated to learn. He will also be able to get involved in more interactive activities set by the tutor that can boost his comprehension. In short, learning in school is not enough. Hence, getting a private tutor is essential to help improve a student’s learning needs. As private tutoring is getting the positive recognition it deserves, more parents are getting not only one but multiple tutors for their children.

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