four compelling reasons to teach online

4 Reasons Why Online Tutoring is the Way to Go

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MyFavTutor, May 01, 2020

The rise of the Internet and technology has changed the way of learning. It has replaced physical classrooms with online video conferencing, sharing of ebooks and online documents, as well as transforming education into a wholesome enjoyable exercise. There are several degree programs, part-time courses and vocational subjects that have full-fledged online courses. Learning apps …

Online Tutoring Business

How Online Tutoring is Bringing More People to the Tutoring Business?

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MyFavTutor, Apr 29, 2020

Technology has made learning easier. It has eliminated the limitations that teachers had to face back in the old days. Things like a fixed salary, lack of growth and a monotonous work schedule have been given a body blow with the advent of online tutoring. Today, teachers are free to demand salaries as per their …

Online Teaching through Zoom App

How Online Teaching through Zoom App can Help During COVID-19?

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MyFavTutor, Apr 27, 2020

If you are working from home during this COVID-19 pandemic, you must be using a lot of video conferencing app to connect with your friends and colleagues. These apps are lifelines for millions of professionals right now. Online office meetings, friendly chats, video calls and group calls these apps are helping all of us to …

Online teaching with MyFavTutor

How to be a Pro at Online Teaching?

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MyFavTutor, Apr 23, 2020

Online teaching has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Students are focusing more on online classes through e-books, video tutorials, digital course materials and query clearing sessions. As the market is growing by leaps and bounds, the demand for quality tutors is on the rise. Even though teachers have been busy registering …

Online Tutoring with MyFavTutor

Online Tutoring Booms in This Time of COVID-19

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MyFavTutor, Apr 17, 2020

As UNESCO reports, 29 countries have locked down their schools worldwide due to the COVID-19 virus. This has led to 391.5 million students being out of schools. All exams have stopped. Parents are worried about how to tackle this situation. Getting disconnected from academics will result in a below average performance, especially for high school …

How to be an Effective Tutor on Skype?

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MyFavTutor, Apr 09, 2020

Tutoring on Skype has become a trend. Teachers are looking to avoid traveling and use that saved time for online tuition. Skype, the online chatting and conferencing tool, has emerged as one of the preferred platforms for this purpose. As the world shifts further towards digital learning, the requirement of physical classrooms is diminishing with …